Misaligned Bites Can Pose Challenges in Dental Health and Speaking – Detect and Resolve a Lousy Bite

When it comes to a bite, people would want to know if they have a normal bite! It might sound slightly strange, but your bite can become misaligned. And by now, you must have heard about underbites and overbites and the problem it can create when it gets misaligned, now that you are reading this article, you need to know the relevance of a normal bite.

How do the chompers fit well?

As we refer to the word bite, it indicates the lower and upper jaw together. It is necessary for the upper teeth to fit a little over the lower teeth. Even the molar points need to fit into the grooves of your opposite molar. Does your jaw line up this way? If yes, you possess a healthy bite and you don’t need to get in touch with a dentist to remedy this.

As you possess a healthy bite, it can enhance your teeth’ function. It can also balance the teeth. When you don’t have aligned teeth, it can create pressure on a specific tooth which causes it to wear down unevenly. That is not all. Even the bite function is essential for particular things like swallowing, chewing, facial symmetry, breathing, and digestion. To know more about your bite, you can visit a dental office in Woodbury Long Island.

Signs that you have a healthy bite

  • You feel no pain – Your bite shouldn’t have any pain. In case there is a trace of any pain in the jawbone or in the muscles close to the jaw, it might indicate a misaligned bite.
  • Teeth – Aligned teeth with symmetrical lower and upper jawline is a good sign. The teeth got designed for offsetting the force for one another. It would help if you looked at it like a machine’s gears. When one gear doesn’t work well, it can lead to issues with the overall machine. Chewing and biting can cause damage when the mouth is not aligned well.
  • Tongue – The tongue can indicate that you might have a bad bite. When the bite is not aligned, there can be scope for the tongue to get nicked or cut at the sides, which results in open sores. There is a scope for it to get infected.

Let’s look at all that creates a bad bite

Have you come across the word malocclusion? In Latin, it indicates bad bite. Today, you will come across several signs that can suggest you possess a bad bite. Here are a few reasons for a bad bite:

  • It is a heredity feature
  • There are congenital disabilities, such as cleft palates
  • Impacted teeth, extra teeth, or lost teeth
  • A jaw repair that got misaligned right after an injury
  • A difference in your teeth size
  • A difference in the lower and upper jaw teeth size
  • The childhood habits such as extended tongue thrusting or thumb sucking

People often think that having a bad bite is all about getting it corrected to a dentist. Everything depends on the kind of bad bite you have. There are four of them:

  • Overbite – It’s true that there needs to be an overlap of the lower front teeth, there are instances of an increased overbite, which can make the front teeth to bite the gums.
  • Crossbite – Here, the upper bite sits inside the lower teeth and occurs on any side of the jaw.
  • Open bite – Here, the front teeth don’t overlap with the bottom teeth. Also, the back molar doesn’t seem to touch the mouth in the resting position.
  • Underbite – Here, the lower jaw occupies the space above your teeth.

A few dental health symptoms to tackle

The TMJ symptoms

The TMJ joint is on either side of the face, and hinges the lower jaw to the skull. The specific joint has an essential role to play in enabling the jaw bone to possess the required function range. A symptom of TMJ pain comprises of stiffness, inability to move the jaw, clicking noises, and soreness when you decide to close or open the mouth.


In most cases, a headache might not come across as a sign that you have a misaligned tooth. However, when you have a misaligned bite, the muscles might just prove that your jaw is strained and tensed. And this built-up tension can lead to headaches which can vary from severe to mild.

Problem in speaking

This symptom might not impact many, it will affect a few. The moment you get your jaw corrected after orthodontic treatment, the problems with speaking tend to disappear. When you have issues with enunciating or pronouncing specific words because of a stiff jaw, it indicates that you have a misaligned jaw.

Teeth grinding

Grinding teeth is a severe problem that can have negative repercussions on your smile. When your teeth get grinded, it can lead to pain in your head and jaws. The scientific or medical term used for depicting teeth grinding is bruxism, which can happen to people who don’t have the correct bite. The stress placed on your jaw due to the misalignment can create more chances of teeth grinding.

Fixing your bad bite

Hence, you can align your jaw by using an orthodontic intervention and getting the correct treatment. When you wish to fix the misaligned bite, one of the best remedies is to make use of a clear aligner, such as an Invisalign. If you want, you can also opt-in for braces that can place ample pressure on the teeth so that it gets correctly aligned. Generally, it gets implemented using elastics.

Before starting any treatment, you have to know whether or not you have a bad bite. And that you can find out by getting in touch with an expert dental consultant at a reputed clinic. These are the only people who can align your teeth with your face, mouth, and jaw. There is a chance that you feel that you don’t have the correct bite. To clear up your confusion, get a jaw assessment done today.


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