Kids Fitness: 8 Ways Without Gym

Some kids often have lean muscles and parents are worried about their health in the future. Parents have to pay attention to out-of-the-box ideas to let them be fit while doing other activities. We are sharing some tips for kids’ fitness to stay strong.

Kids Fitness1: Think outside the playing field

Not everyone is made to play sports like football or volleyball. There are some other activities you can arrange for your kids such as swimming, martial arts, dancing, and rock climbing. And it might take some time to get your kid to fit into it. You have to carefully observe which activity your child likes and how he is performing in that. For this, you can let him explore different games and you have to allow some trial and error methods for getting the best sports for him.

Kids Fitness 2: Join in the game

You have to join in your kids’ activities whether it is school going or playing on the ground. Once you start mixing with them at play, they will be one of your best friends. Playing a game of catch or going to school with him in a vehicle, shopping at a nearby store. It will encourage him and keep him confident that he is doing the right thing. When he is tired from playing, enjoy a MateMate energy drink with him back to the ground.

Kids Fitness 3: Limit the Screen time

Whether he is watching TV or playing games on the computer. You should not allow much time for this. These days children are spending lots of time on mobiles and it is affecting their physical as well as mental health. Encourage him to play other things such as walking the dog, shooting hopes at the ground, or a game of tag. To keep him at bay, don’t install a TV in the bedroom and set up computers in shared places. I have teens and restrict them to use mobile phones all the time.

Kids Fitness 4: Lead by example

If you keep eating while you watch TV and you have a TV remote in one hand and a bag of chips in another hand, don’t expect them to follow your restrictions on screen time as they will follow what they are seeing and you have to set a role model for them. Whenever it is possible, walk instead of driving. Climb the stairs instead of using the elevator. Do something that inspires your kids and you feel is best for them.

Kids Fitness5: Give them positive feedback

Kids are innocent and need motivation time by time. Few people have uncoordinated children who expect time-by-time guidance and praise for their work to be better. Focus on improving your child on a particular skill instead of pushing him to get the output from the work. It will help them develop confidence that their parents are there to guide and motivate them.

Kids Fitness 6: Bring a friend along

Kids often love their peers to play or learn something new. You should call your friends for ice skating, for a bike ride, or when you need a companion in the pool. Small children love to play with friends on the ground to climb, swing, chase, slide and run. Make sure that your children have an attitude toward learning new skills and not toward winning or getting an outcome.

Kids Fitness 7: Use exercise as a reward

Forcing your child to go outside and play can result in resistance and resentment. Don’t make their exercise punitive as they can oppose it. Don’t treat your child badly just for not getting results. Instead, try physical activity and whatever they do as a reward. Your child might be happier kicking the ball for 20 minutes once he gets a break from homework.

Kids Fitness 8: Be a role model for your kids

Kids tend to learn from the people around them and where they spend most of their time. Mothers can play a crucial role by practising exercise every day and letting their kids follow this. Your kids will love to do workouts with you but you have to do it daily to make them habitual of doing exercise. When they are kids, you can start with up and down, yoga, aerobics, etc. But once they become habitual in doing this, you will be thankful to yourself for encouraging them and they will live a healthy life thereafter. Kids’ minds are blank in their childhood, whatever you teach them, they will follow lovingly. So, set your alarm clock and go for exercises with your kids.


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