Key Differences Between Private Home Tuition And Online Tuition

Nowadays, acquiring a good education is important for all individuals. In this competitive world, students need to work hard to get good grades on exams. Sometimes students do not get adequate attention from school teachers because they have to impart their knowledge and skills to large groups of students. Because of this, their parents hire a tutor for them who helps while learning new skills. Sometimes the parents are confused about whether they hire online tuition or private home tuition services for their child. So, we have mentioned some key points from which you get to know the advantages and disadvantages of hiring online or private home tutors.

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How Online Tuition And Private Home Tuition Are Different?

Interaction With Students

In online tutoring, a tutor takes the class via meeting apps such as Google meet, Skype, Zoom meet, and so on. In this class, the learners and tutors use technology such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. The tutor shares their laptop screen while learning the lessons with the students. In an online class, there are a huge number of students present, so the tutor does not provide personal attention to each student.

On the other hand, in private home tuition, they directly interact with the students and help them to solve their problems regarding subject topics. They take classes at learners’ homes and give their proper attention to the students. Furthermore, they better know the level of learning of the students.

Charges Of Tuition

Online Tuition is not expensive because learners can take classes from their homes. They do not need to pay any travel charge for attending classes from outside of the home. This saves the time of both the students and the teachers. They can connect with them through virtual classrooms.

On the other hand, the charges for private home tuition are on a slightly higher side. Because home tutors come to students’ places for classes. Thus, they cover their transportation charges and other expenses within the tuition fee itself. Although, private home tutors are available in different budgets. So, you can analyze your learning requirements and choose a tutor accordingly.

Flexible Timings

In online tutoring, you and your teacher stay connected at different times. You can attend classes any time which is beneficial for you. Apart from that, while online tutoring, the tutors may record their lecture videos so that the students can watch them at any time. If they do not clear their doubts then they can watch these videos again which will give them clarity.

In private tuition, a home tutor can come to students’ homes at flexible times. The students and tutors can fix their time of learning according to their preferences. For example, if sometimes the weather is not good, then they can connect with them through social media apps such as Google meet, zoom, etc. Through this, the tutor can connect with the learners and help them to learn difficult subjects in a better way.

Provide Knowledge

Online tutors help learners to improve their academic performance. They prepare lectures for them and share their computer screens while tutoring. The learners can acquire immense knowledge of the topics during the class. Moreover, the tutors can take doubt sessions, in which the learners comment on their doubts in the comment box. Through this, the teachers help them to clear their doubts and help to improve their progress in learning.

Private home tutors can help the students while learning lessons. They directly interact with them and help them to fill their gap in learning by revising the lessons. In-home tuition, the students are free from any distractions so they are focused while understanding new concepts. Apart from that, if they find any doubts then they can freely ask the tutors who help them with another method of remembering that topic.

Learn from The Comfort Of Your Home

In online tuition classes, you are free from daily traveling for attending classes from any coaching centers, etc. You may attend class from the comfort of your home. It helps you to save your time and travel charges. You can join classes at flexible times.

In private home tutoring, the tutors come to learners’ houses so they don’t need to go anywhere to attend classes. They join a class in the comfort of their homes and learn various things about the topics and discuss it with their teachers.

Host Test For Students

The tutors hold mock tests which helped the students to tackle exam anxiety. It allows the learners to perform their best and achieve good grades. During online classes, the tutors can host weekly tests for the students. This will help them to check the student’s progress. When students attend tests they check where they are lacking and where they need to improve themselves. The grades from the test show the learner’s actual performance. Apart from that, sometimes they may cheat during tests in online classes.  It affects their performance on the exams.

Whereas, in home tuitions, the tutor hosts tests for the learners. This test will give them ideas about the pattern of the final exams, various kinds of questions, and so on. The tutors check their scores and give feedback to the parents and ask them where they are lacking.

Parental Supervision

Parents help their children by scheduling routines and encouraging them to set goals for the future, manage time, and do hard work to achieve good results. In online tuitions, the parents connect with the teachers through social media apps. Moreover, the tutors send feedback to their students via email or they can send a message to connect them in a video call. In this way, the parents get to know about their performance in the class.

On the other hand, at-home parents have better control over children as compared to when they go to attend other classes outside of their home. Through this, the learners are focused during the class and learn new topics in a better way.


Most individuals choose offline tutors as compared to online tutoring but both have their benefits. The tutors help the students by preparing them for tests, exams, assignments, etc. This way, they can be promoted to the next class with good grades. Apart from that, they also develop various skills and personality traits such as problem-solving, self-discipline, critical thinking, and so on. Through this, they overcome the challenges that are facing during the class.


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