Future of The Jewelry Industry: Is it a Good Career Choice for Kids?

Parents believe that their kids should choose a field related to engineering or medicine as it offers a more secure future. But things are changing now.

Modern parents are more open to their kids’ creative abilities. They appreciate and nurture their kids’ artistic abilities like drama, craft, drawing, and designing. Such skills drive children’s passion and help them excel at unconventional careers like jewelry making.

Contrary to popular belief, designing jewelry can earn you a decent amount of money. Especially if you enter the diamond industry.

The Future of the Diamond and Jewelry

Millennials love buying stuff through social networking sites. And even if they aren’t buying, they are most probably looking for jewelry items and doing research about it. Besides, accessorizing is becoming an increasing fashion trend nowadays.

In fact, data stated that around 51% of women prefer buying jewelry on a regular basis. And 87% of them prefer wearing either plain or diamond stud earrings.

However, because of the COVID outbreak, the diamond jewelry industry hit rock bottom as 75% of warehouses were closed down due to lockdown and social distancing. But don’t worry!

According to forecasts, the worldwide jewelry market will grow to $307 billion by 2026. One of the significant reasons can be a 30% decrease in diamond prices. This is because people giving more awareness to how these diamonds are sourced.

Not to mention that there is a lot of lab-grown diamond jewelry available in the market. Lab-grown diamonds are ethically sourced, eco-friendly, cheaper, and most importantly, 100% real. This field posed a huge threat to earth-mined diamonds.

What’s the Role of a Jewelry Maker?

To create a piece of jewelry, a jewelry maker smoothens, polishes, or mounts the gemstones in the frame. Different kinds of gemstones like diamonds may also need drilling or cutting to make jewels.

A majority of jewelry makers are entrepreneurs or freelancers, allowing their teams to work and sell their wares from the comfort of their own homes. You may have to design engagement rings, diamond tennis bracelets, diamond stud earrings, or other metals and stones that your customer wants.

Working hours

To accommodate customers’ demands, the jewelry designers work late at night, and on weekends, so you may not be able to enjoy the freedom of bounded hours. However, if jewelry designing is your passion, you’ll certainly enjoy the journey.

Here’s a rundown of what a diamond jewelry designer needs to know:

Degree requirementNo requirement
Degree choiceFine Arts (Designing)
Experience requirementimportant for job
Monetary perks$56,000 for diamond jewelry designer

To succeed at the job as a jewelry maker, you’ll also need to check for a few skills that will help you achieve your goal. We have a list for you.

Skills of a Jewelry Designer:

  • Fashion sense to stay updated with the jewelry trends.
  • Artistic touch to their personality.
  • Creativity in their designs
  • Finger dexterity

These qualities will help you develop or polish the skills you’ll need to thrive in your career. There are some practical skills required in the jewelry design and manufacturing industry. You’ll need excellent hand-eye coordination because you’ll be working with elaborate patterns and valuable stones and metals.

You must understand the distinction between cutting a diamond and handling a pearl. Or, how various gems like diamond jewelry necessitate different settings. Understanding all of the tools and methodologies for lab-created diamonds is a crucial skill.

As an expert, you must have technical expertise with one or more jewelry design software applications. You must also know how to handle specialized tools like a jeweler’s saw and cutter and have experience working with various stones.

The Role of Creativity

Jewelry is nothing more than metal and stones without originality, but coming up with new and distinctive concepts is a constant challenge for jewelry designers. You’ll need a creative mind and vision to accomplish this. Perhaps once a design has been conceptualized, giving it physical form can necessitate great thought.

Jewelers get their ideas from various sources, encompassing nature and man-made artifacts. Different jewelry specialists can see and be influenced by the same subject in various ways. The most innovative ones understand how to stand out and produce unusually enticing jewels that many people will want to buy.

Many websites specialize in arts and crafts and cater to a market looking for something totally special. To find your specialization, you can train yourself how to produce jewelry and experiment with different substances.

If you’re enthusiastic about something, you can build your site and even sell your products to others in the future! This can be a good option for you if you want to be your boss. This is normally done as a side job or a pastime, although some people have succeeded in turning it into a vocation.

Programs to Pursue

Jewelry-making programs can span from six months to a year at various technical and vocational schools. These programs include the fundamentals of polishing, setting, creating, and repairing jewelry and provide sufficient instruction to offer graduates an advantage when looking for work as bench jewelers.

There are sorts of software that can build model prototypes, which you can then turn into 3D designs and fittings.

This type of technology is used to create jewelry that uses cutting-edge equipment engraved with unrivaled detail. The ideas are then transported to mills, printers, and developing machines, where 3D wax or resin is used to bring them to reality.

There are online courses and ways to earn a CAD certification from the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, contact your local vocational college to check what programs they provide in the area.

Lab classes and studio work in vocational jewelry manufacturing schools usually focus on specific parts of the business, such as stone fitting, enameling, laser cutting, and mounting.

Apprenticeships can be performed in conjunction with a degree or substitute for formal schooling. When in an apprenticeship, you acquire jewelry-making processes and abilities from a specialist in the area.


The jewelry industry is a costly trade to enter because the price of the tools can be quite high. It might take you a few more years to master your skills. There are people that have been in the business for about 50 years and continue to learn new things daily. You’ll always be getting better.


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