The Ultimate Lego Collection For Your Little One for 2022

When it comes to children’s toys, Lego has always been one of the most iconic. These plastic little blocks cover all sorts of genres, from simple preschool sets to sprawling miniature cities and detailed Lego Technic models.

And unlike the Legos of our childhood, today’s sets have grown increasingly sophisticated. Franchise tie-ins means that kids (and not-so-little ones) can now get their own Lego versions of the Batmobile, the Millenium Falcon, and even the Hogwarts Castle. Little gamers can even recreate cherished levels from Super Mario or Pokemon!

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best Lego sets for your little ones, covering different genres and complexity levels.

1. Lego Super Mario Starter Course

Set number: 71360
Pieces: 231
Ages: 6+

No kid doesn’t like Super Mario. The iconic plumbers have their own games, cartoons, movies, and now even a theme park. Combine Super Mario with Lego and you get a slam-dunk toy for kids!

This collaboration between Lego and Nintendo is not your usual Lego playset, however. The Mario character actually has a bunch of sensors, which allow him to recognize different terrains and obstacles.

Just like a video game, the character can collect coins as he traverses a level, and kids can compete with each other to earn the most coins. The 200+ blocks enables kids to build their own levels, ensuring hours of replayability. It also brings out their creative side, by letting them design their own obstacle courses and figuring out how best to navigate them.

The starter course can even be expanded by add-on packs, so everyone can create their own real-life Super Mario game! And of course, there’s also a Luigi starter course version.

2. Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Wonderland

Set number: 43194
Pieces: 154
Ages: 4+

This playset is specifically designed for little Disney fans. It includes Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and 3 adorable Snowgies, along with an ice castle, 2 smaller structures, and a sled.

The set has plenty of moving parts to keep kids entertained. The castle has a revolving dance floor, letting children recreate Elsa’s song and dance number for the movie. There’s a little seesaw and playground for the Snowgies, a fully decked-out sled for long rides, and even a hidden ice cave with treasure chest.

The build process is extremely simple. Apart from a large illustrated book, it also comes with digital instructions so that kids can follow along and build up the whole playset by themselves.

3. Hogwarts Moment: Defense Class

Set number: 76397
Pieces: 257
Ages: 8+

If your little one prefers Muggles and magic, look no further. This set brings one of the iconic scenes from the Harry Potter series to life!

To be more specific, it recreates the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, which any budding wizard must pass in Hogwarts. To this end, it includes Harry, Hermione, Neville Longbottom, and of course, the teacher, in this case Professor Mad-Eye Moody. The intricately detailed set also includes a blackboard, school desks and chairs, potions and many other accessories including Moody’s iconic chest from the book.

But what brings it to life is the background: instead of just building blocks, it includes touches like a colorful fireplace, cardboard windows, and illustrated walls. Best of all, the whole thing wraps up in a convenient “book” form, allowing easy clean up once playtime is over!

4. Duplo Doctor Visit

Set number: 10968
Pieces: 34
Ages: 2+

Going to the doctor can be a scary trip, even for adults. This set is designed to familiarize your little tot with the experience of visiting the doctor, so they can feel more at ease and understand why they need to visit the clinic every now and then.

The set includes a father, child, and doctor figures. The clinic itself is made up of just over a couple of dozen blocks, but is well-furnished with chairs, a height chart, couch, sink, and even a little teddy bear.

Compared to the regular Lego line, the Duplo series is designed for preschoolers, and as such features larger blocks and very colorful pieces. It also comes with a richly illustrated word-free booklet that shows what goes on in the doctor’s visit, so your little one can recreate it and better understand what to expect the next time they come in.

5. Attack on the Spider Lair

Set number: 76175
Pieces: 466
Ages: 8+

Marvel fans young and old, behold! You can build your very own Spider Lair and recreate the moment Spidey’s HQ was attacked by the bad guys!

This highly intricate playset is part superhero HQ, part kid’s chill-out room – something your child may be able to relate to. The chill-out place includes a basketball hoop, skateboard area with ramp, a PC, and even a Playstation!

Hop on over to the other side and you can see Spidey’s tools of the trade, consisting of a cool “command center”, tool kit, and his iconic costumes. There’s also a Spiderbike, for when Peter is too tired to swing between buildings and just wants to go for a ride. Rounding out the set are figures of Spidey, the Green Goblin with his iconic hoverboard, and Venom.

There are so many little details that kids will have hours of fun, from Spidey’s webs and different suits to the functioning ball slinger and even a mini jail cell!


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