How to Unlock Creativity and Craft Compelling Stories for Youth

Many children today are too connected. They watch videos, play computer games and use their phones too much. They are not inspired or creative because artificial intelligence is telling them what to write or draw. It is time to unlock their creativity and craft compelling stories for young minds. Here are some ways to unlock creativity and write educational content.

  1. No Electronics – Before the world was so connected, parents had rules about how much television children could watch. Parents have to take away phones and devices for a certain period every day. Make children do something that doesn’t have a computer telling them what to do. For example, they could color, draw or go outside the house to play. When a person has a coloring book, they can imagine what the picture would look like and choose the colors for the pages. When they draw, they are imagining the scene. When they play outdoors, they pretend and interact with others. Adults also can play outdoors or color in coloring books. There are coloring books geared for adults to unlock creativity.
  1. Nature Walks – Experiencing nature helps to inspire young minds. They can watch birds or other animals in their habitat and give them stories. Nature is calming and can relieve stress. Children today have a lot of pressure and stress. Often, this pressure overwhelms them, and they can’t think of what to do or say. Being calm in nature will reduce their anxiety and help them unlock their creativity. You could go to a park, a beach or a mountain trail. Each would give you a different scene in nature that would inspire different things in your children. Adults who need to unlock creativity and reduce stress could also take these calming walks.
  1. Writing Prompts – If you want to write compelling stories for young minds, you might want to try writing prompts. Anyone who has read the Peanuts knows that Snoopy always started with “It was a dark and stormy night.” That is a writing prompt. You could create ones for yourself or your children. They could be silly or thought-provoking. Let the rest flow from your imagination. This is great for bedtime if children are having trouble sleeping. You play a game where you and your children tell a story together. For example, you start by setting the scene. Then you ask the child what comes next. Sometimes, it is logical. Other times, it’s funny or odd. That’s what makes the activity fun. It always unlocks imagination and inspires creativity.
  1. Math Prompts – Like writing prompts, you can do similar things with math prompts. These will help you create educational content, which might involve more math and science. You could throw out math problems that you know your child could answer. These are not the problems they are learning in school. These are fun ways of getting your children to think about the math around them so they are more likely to enjoy learning numbers. For example, you are making a cake and you ask your child to help. During the baking, you ask him or her questions about the math in the recipe.
  1. Science Experiments – There are many easy science experiments you and your children can do. These will help you create educational content. Using household items, such as vinegar and baking soda would give you the ingredients you need to conduct the science experiments. In addition to unlocking creativity, these also would teach your children about chemicals in the house and how dangerous they could be. You also can show them a world of wonder. They can be fun and a way to bond with your children too.
  1. Card Games – Children learn by playing. Schools sometimes forget that important ingredient. Educational content should involve playing. A way to learn numbers and math is to play cards with children. This activity also would help adults strategize and unlock creativity because they are not focused on work. Many card games require children to count or add. For example, Go Fish requires kids to wait until they have four of a number before they can lay them on the table in front of them. Memory games help children remember where something was to choose it the next time they need it. Board games also involve counting and strategizing.
  1. Art – Drawing unlocks creativity. Children and adults like pictures. They can imagine possibilities when they draw a scene. Let them have crayons or markers and draw whatever they wish. Adults who want to create educational content also can draw to make their point. If they want to unlock their own creativity, they can begin drawing. If they have trouble drawing, they could do what works for them to relax their minds. Creativity flows best when we are relaxed and not forced to do something.
  1. Stuffed Animals – When kids are alone, they can talk with their stuffed animals and pretend they are alive. Pretending a story unlocks creativity. They are playing and pretending they are in a castle or on a boat. As they play, they add more to the story or activity. Adults stop doing this pretending, but they should find other ways of pretending because it is helpful to imagine a different world. For example, they could see a family on a ship far out to sea and give them a story. Imagine what that family’s lives are like and what they are doing on the boat. You also could pretend with your children.

When writing educational content for young minds, you want to make sure that the words do not sound like a marketing piece. They see enough through ads on television, computer or phone. Educational content for young minds has to inspire children, interact with children and make them want to learn. Otherwise, it won’t matter what you write, you will lose the audience.


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