10 Best Stuffed Animals for Babies for Babies: From Newborns to Toddlers

Hey, did you know that stuffed animals are more than just toys for babies? They can also be their mentors and buddies. A study has shown that plush toys can enhance cognitive, language, social, and emotional development in babies. Plush toys provide a sense of security and happiness and can help babies cope with various challenges and difficulties in their growth.

As a mother, I understand the importance of plush toys for babies. They can provide comfort and help soothe their emotions. So, how can you choose the best plush toy for your little one? Today, I want to share my top 10 recommended stuffed toys. I personally selected these toys for all three of my children, and they all loved and benefited from them. I hope you can also find a plush toy for your little one from this list.

Saturn Plush Toy

Material: This planet plush toy is made of ultra-soft polyester low-pile fabric, which is comfortable to touch and suitable for babies to cuddle with.

Design: It is designed in the shape of Saturn, with soft and rich colors that can catch the baby’s attention.

Safety: The toy is shaped like a sphere, with no sharp edges or corners, making it safe for babies to play with. However, it is essential to note that this Saturn star ring is easy to separate from the planet, which can pose a safety hazard if the baby is left to sleep with it in the crib. Therefore, it is best used for playtime.

Suitable age: This toy is recommended for children over 3 years old.

Benefits: Help babies develop their curiosity about the universe and stimulate their desire to explore.

I gave this Saturn plush toy to my eldest son as his first plush toy. He loves it so much that he treats it as his little buddy. He also often asks me questions about space, such as why Saturn has rings, why the planet is round, why the moon is deformed and so on. This toy gave him a warm companion and cultivated his spirit of exploration.

Knitted Stuffed Animal Monkey

Material: The knitted monkey plush is made from soft and comfortable cotton knitted fabric, this material is worth the extra cost and suitable for one-year-old babies.

Design: The toy features a white monkey, which is a naive and innocent-looking animal that creates a sense of closeness with the baby. A single color makes it easier for the baby to identify and recognize.

Safety: Knitted fabrics are one of the best choices for baby plush toys, as they are safe and not easy to fall off, suitable for baby play.

Suitable age: Above 1 year old.

Benefits: Its color is simple and bright, suitable for the visual development of 1-year-old babies.

This monkey plush toy is a toy that I bought for my lovely son. It is his most loyal companion. It is made of pure cotton knitted fabric, soft and comfortable, and does not irritate the baby’s skin. It looks like a white monkey, with round eyes and a slightly upward mouth, as if smiling. Its color is simple and bright, suitable for the visual development of 1-year-old babies. This toy is not only cute, but also very safe. Knitted fabrics are one of the best choices for baby plush toys. My son loves this toy very much and hugs it every day. He also often imitates the monkey’s movements and sounds, such as jumping, crawling, squeaking, etc. I think this toy not only gave him a warm friend, but also exercised his finger and body coordination skills. This toy is the best gift I have ever bought for him.

Knitted plush toys are mostly made of organic pure cotton fabrics, which are very suitable for babies to use. Here are some more high-quality knitted plush toys that I recommend.

A Minty Dragon with Large Wings

Material: These dragon plush wings are made of nylex fabric, which are slightly stiff, while the body is made of ultra-short plush polyester fabric, which is soft and has good resilience. The inside is filled with fluffy polyester filling.

Design: A mint-colored dragon with large wings, unique and mysterious.

Safety: However, although it has wings, there are no sharp edges, so it is safe. The eyes are made of plastic. Therefore, do not give it to children under 1 year old.

Suitable age: 3 years and older.

Benefits: It can help stimulate the baby’s imagination and foster a sense of adventure by allowing them to explore different scenarios and characters with the dragon.

This dragon plush toy was the first stuffed toy I bought for my daughter. She loves it very much and hugs it every day.  For example, she can pretend to fly with the dragon to different places, meet new friends, or save the day from danger. This toy not only gave her a magical companion, but also cultivated her imagination and creativity.

Big Cute Wolf Stuffed Animal

Material: This wolf plush is made from soft and comfortable organic cotton fabric with a high thread count, this fabric is perfect for baby plush toys as it does not shed any cotton fibers.

Design: Featuring a cuddly cute wolf design, the 14″ size is suitable for babies to play with.

Safety: Organic cotton is safe for babies as it is free from chemicals and any sharp or hard parts.

Suitable age: 1 year old and above.

Benefits: It can help babies develop a sense of security and promote their emotional development by providing them with a soft and warm friend to hug and comfort them.

This coyote plush toy is a great storytelling prop, you can use it to create your own story instead of limiting it to the story of Little Red Riding Hood. You can imagine what special abilities this coyote has, where it comes from, what kind of friends it has, and what it wants to do. You can make up a fun story with your child and involve him in the story, giving him a taste of creativity and imagination.

Hippo and Raccoon Plush Toys

Material: Made from soft and skin-friendly Shaggy Faux Fur Fabric or PV fleece, this is the most commonly used fabric by the famous Jellycat.

Design: The design consists of a hippo and a raccoon with long arms and legs. The colors used are soft, and the design is quite cute.

Safety: The product has no sharp edges or loose parts, making it very safe to use.

Suitable age: 1 year old and above.

Benefits: You can aid your baby in recognizing animals while also fostering their love for them.

You have the option to purchase the hippo and raccoon plush toys separately. You can choose the one that you prefer. My daughter adores these toys and plays with them every day. She asks me questions about the animals, such as how the hippo swims in the water and why the raccoon is black and white. This toy not only provided her with two adorable companions but also allowed her to learn about animals and nature.

Silver Penguin Plush Toy

Material: This cozy fabric is made from low pile super soft polyester, providing a smooth and comfortable feel.

Design: A baby penguin captured in a lovely silver-gray hue with a delightfully plump figure.

Safety: No sharp edges and corners, high safety.

Suitable age: 1 year old and above.

Benefits: It can foster your baby’s understanding of Antarctica’s ecosystem and encourage a spirit of adventure.

This plush toy of a gray and white penguin is made of high-quality short flannel that is delicate, smooth, and comfortable to the touch. This material does not shed hair or fade colors, and it is gentle on children’s skin. The toy’s shape is very realistic, resembling a real baby penguin, and every detail reflects the high level of craftsmanship used in its creation. It has a very rounded body and is very bouncy to hold, feeling like a soft pillow. This penguin plush toy is not only a cute toy for your baby but also a piece of artwork that is suitable for home decoration, as a gift for your penguin-loving friends, or your collection.

Strawberry Flavored Ice Cream Plush

Material: Made of high-quality polyester fabric, soft and comfortable to touch, free of harmful substances.

Design: The pink ice cream design is adorable, cute, and delicious, making it perfect for babies’ tastes.

Safety: The product features no sharp edges or corners, ensuring high levels of safety.

Suitable age: 1 year old and above.

Benefits: The use of vibrant colors is intended to capture the attention of children.

This is a soft and colorful ice cream plush toy. It has a cone bottom, a cream center and a strawberry-flavored ice cream top. The toy is very attractive to children with its cute smiley face and shiny eyes. In addition to bringing joy to children, this plush ice cream toy is also a valuable tool for stimulating their imagination and creativity. Children can explore different flavors and colors, such as vanilla, chocolate, and mint. Moreover, the toy can be combined with other stuffed animals to create a dessert store or an ice cream truck, allowing children to engage in role-playing and interactive games with their friends and family members.

Knitted Polar Bear Plush Toy

Material: This product is crafted using high-quality knitted fabric, ensuring it is soft and comfortable to touch.

Design: A polar bear donning winter gear, including a scarf and hat. This knit toy has an innocent appearance.

Safety: No sharp edges or corners make it safer to use.

Suitable age: above 1 year old.

Benefits: It can help babies understand the Arctic environment and develop a love for animals.

This is a polar bear plush toy made of knitted cotton fabric. The fabric is soft and comfortable and is gentle on children’s skin. It is a safe toy as it has no loose plush, which will not cause allergic reactions. The toy is pure white and has an adorable shape. It wears a hat and scarf, resembling a little friend from the ice world. The toy is hand-stitched, and every detail is carefully crafted, which reflects the maker’s love. If you are interested in knitted plush toys, there are more available that you can explore to find the one you like.

Snowman Plush Toy

Material: This product is made of high-quality knitted fabric, which is incredibly soft and comfortable to the touch.

Design: It features an adorable snowman design with a carrot-colored nose, which is sure to appeal to the baby’s preferences. 

Safety: The product has no sharp edges or corners, which makes it incredibly safe for use.

Suitable age: 1 year old and above.

Benefits: This toy is perfect for helping babies enjoy the fun of winter while also encouraging their imagination.

The snowman plush toy is an excellent Christmas gift that can bring warmth and joy to kids during winter. It is just the right size for small children, measuring 8 inches, and it doesn’t take up much space. Additionally, its texture is soft and cozy – like hugging a ball of cotton candy. Its nose and hands are stitched with carrot-colored wool, which adds vividness and cuteness. The body is white, and it has a playful little carrot nose, making it appear even more spirited and affectionate. It’s very festive and charming and makes for a perfect gift for kids. Children can enjoy the fun of winter by using it to inspire them to create their own stories or games about snowmen.

Plump Squirrel Stuffed Animal

Material: It is made with high-quality, chemical-free plush fabric for ultimate comfort.

Design: A fluffy and cuddly design of a cute Japanese squirrel.

Safety: The product has no sharp edges or corners, which ensures a high level of security for babies and toddlers.

Suitable age: 3 years old and above.

Benefits: Encourages baby’s observation and imagination by learning squirrel habits.

This plush squirrel toy is simply adorable, with its round eyes and Japanese-inspired style. Its fur is a delightful shade of orange, and its body is nice and chubby. It is made from super soft, short-piled fabric that is warm and cozy to the touch. The squirrel toy has a smiling mouth and curious, soulful eyes. It looks like a smart little guy and would make the perfect gift for a baby girl.

Tips on shopping for stuffed animals for babies:

Usage Scenarios:

Plush toys are versatile and can be used for sleeping or playing. If you want to purchase a plush toy for your baby to sleep with, it is crucial to choose one that is soft, comfortable, and doesn’t irritate the baby’s skin. However, if you are looking for a plush toy for your baby to play with, it is important to select one that is both interesting and educational, and can pique your baby’s curiosity and interest.


It is important to select plush toys that are age-appropriate for babies to ensure their safety. For instance, plush toys with small parts or those that are easy to detach should be avoided for babies under 3 years of age to prevent accidental choking or suffocation. Similarly, plush toys that are too large or heavy should be avoided for babies over 3 years of age to avoid falls or injuries.

Fabric Differentiation:

It’s important to ensure that the fabric used is safe and non-toxic. This means that it should not contain any harmful substances such as formaldehyde and heavy metals. To determine the safety of the fabric, you can rely on the following methods when shopping:

1. Observation: Look at the color, texture, and luster of the fabric. Ideally, choose fabrics with soft colors, even texture, and natural luster.
2. Touch: Feel the fabric’s thickness, elasticity, and softness. It’s best to choose fabrics that feel soft, have moderate thickness, and good elasticity.

3. Smell: Check the fabric for any odors and stains. Choose fabrics that smell fresh and do not have any stains.

4. Brand: Consider purchasing plush toys from reputable brands that offer quality certification and after-sales service. This can help you avoid buying low-quality or counterfeit products.

Washing Methods:

It’s important to regularly wash plush toys to keep them clean and hygienic. The washing method of plush toys can also reflect whether it is suitable for babies and infants. In general, plush toys that are safe for babies should be washable with water, and not dry-cleanable or non-washable. This helps keep them free of bacteria and dust mites. When shopping for a plush toy, be sure to check the label about the washing instructions. If you find that the toy cannot be washed with water or has special washing requirements, it’s best to avoid using it for infants.

Check the craftsmanship:

  • Touch the plush toy to see if it is soft and flexible and whether it feels comfortable.
  • Smell the plush toy for unpleasant odor.
  • Pull the eyes, nose and other small parts of the plush toy to see if they are firm.
  • Check if the plush toy is broken or stained.
  • Choose plush toys made by manufacturers with relevant safety certifications.


Choosing a stuffed toy for your baby can be both exciting and challenging due to their inability to express themselves verbally. Observing their behavior and reactions is vital to finding the perfect stuffed animals.

When it comes to selecting plush toys, safety should be your top priority. Ensure that the material of the plush toy is safe, the filler is non-toxic and harmless, and the stitching is firm with no loose or detached parts. It’s also crucial to pay attention to the size of the plush toy to prevent the baby from swallowing or accidentally eating it. Make sure the toy is not too big or too small for the child.

When it comes to plush toys for babies, it’s essential to consider the child’s age and interests. For newborns, simple black and white plush toys can capture their attention. As babies grow, their preferences for plush toys will change. You can select plush toys in various animal shapes colors or with different functions based on the child’s preferences.

Plush toys are not just cuddly companions for your baby, but they also play a vital role in stimulating their senses and cognitive abilities. By touching, smelling, and chewing the plush toys, babies can explore and understand the world around them. Besides, plush toys can aid in your baby’s emotional and social development by building a sense of security and enhancing their social skills.

Parents should carefully choose plush toys that are suitable for babies in order to promote healthy and happy growth through playtime.


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