How to Get Your Child Into Private Schools

Parents only want the best for their children. They want them to succeed in their career without financial difficulties. One way parents guarantee this future for their children is by providing them with the best education. People with bachelor’s degrees earn significantly more than high school graduates.  Getting into a reputable college is hard, but private schools provide all the necessary skills a child needs to get there. Here are a few ways to get your child into a private school and guarantee a secure future:

1.   Innovative Academic Approach

When applying to a private school, your child’s previous academic performance will have a significant weightage. If your child struggles with studying and achieving good grades, do not pressure them to do better. This method will only deteriorate their mental health and build resentment for studies. Instead, find interactive ways to encourage them to learn. You can use visual aids and scenarios your child relates to. Instead of teaching them the material, show them you are learning with them. Improving your child’s grades is a long process with slow results. When aiming to enter a private school, you must start preparing your child gradually,

2.   Prepare for Entry Tests

Another aspect the admission board will highly value are your child’s entry test results. In America, standard entry tests for private schools are the SSAT and the ISEE. Both tests are equally challenging and require preparation in advance. We recommend you prepare your child during the summer holidays when they have a free schedule.

Consider hiring an SSAT or ISEE tutor, as they are experienced and know all the tips that can help your child achieve a high score. Choose a tutor that has positive testimonials and establishes good communication with your child. Students are more likely to pay attention and learn if they are comfortable learning from their tutors.

3.   Match Extracurriculars to Interests

Academics are not the only thing your child’s application should have. Schools want children that have well-rounded personalities. They should not only excel in academics but also play sports, have an interest in music, and have a creative side. You should encourage your child to participate in extracurriculars. Avoid forcing extracurriculars on your child that will look good on an application. The more interested your child is in the activity, the more they will participate and excel. Ensure your child only participates in a few extracurricular activities so they can easily manage their tasks without feeling overburdened.

4.   Letters of Recommendation

You should add letters of recommendation with your child’s application to improve acceptance chances. Adults that know your child’s capabilities should write these letters, such as teachers, principals, and coaches. Letters of recommendation can come from anywhere, so if your child participated in an event outside school that shows dedication and leadership, you should ask the team leader for the letter.

5.   Parent Interviews

Before the school’s admission board interviews your child, they ask the parents a few questions separately. They can ask about your work, your parenting struggles, and the goals you want your child to achieve. Before the interview, you should prepare a few questions for the board as well. These questions will show your interest in the school, making your child an eligible candidate.

6.   Student Interview Preparation

The interview is one of the most crucial parts of your child’s application. The interviewer will use this opportunity to judge your child’s soft skills, like problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking. To give off a positive impression, your child must be confident in their answers, even when unsure if their answer is accurate. Sometimes, interviewers do not care whether your child answered correctly. Instead, they are more concerned with the approach they utilize.

You must prepare your child in advance for the interview. Run simulations with them of practice questions, and help them answer them. You should also instruct them regarding body language that will make them seem confident, such as sitting tall and making direct eye contact.


Wanting your children to perform better in life and be financially stable is a natural desire of parents. Most parents can not secure trust funds to help their children in their adult lives. Instead, they can invest in your child’s education. Ensuring they get quality high school and college education can open multiple doors and help them enjoy a comfortable life.

Unfortunately, public schools’ education system lacks in comparison to private ones, but they are selective about the children that can attend. To ensure your child secures a spot in a reputable school, follow the above mentioned steps. A good school education will also lead them to an excellent college.


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