How Kenyans Decorate Their Homes To Make Their Children Physically Active

For a healthy mind and body, you must adapt to daily or regular physical exercise routines. Physical activity keeps you strong and healthy and helps you stay happy and energetic; this also applies to children. Therefore, ensure you consider your children physically active when decorating the house. The activities do a lot to kids as they learn to interact, aid in cognitive development, and associate with others. Furthermore, if you teach your children to always exercise at a younger age, it will continue even at old age, and you will be proud of yourself since you instilled a healthy habit in them.

Let your home be more inviting to physical activities, and you will have an easy time with the kids. Here is a look at some ways you can make your house appealing and encourage kids to be physically active;

Create more playing space

If you live in an area with a park or playground in the neighborhood, then make sure you take advantage of it by having your offspring play there. If you don’t have a park or playground nearby, you can create your own active outdoor space by setting up a trampoline or a small basketball hoop in the backyard. That’s why, when hunting for a house, look for one with a playground, garden, or big enough to accommodate kids’ physical activities. There are various properties in Kenya available for sale and rental; therefore, settle for the one with your children in mind.

Get more toys

Ensure you have plenty of toys and games at your disposal that encourage physical activity at home, such as balls, skipping ropes, and hula hoops. You can also ensure adequate space for your children to move freely without obstacles or furniture getting in their way.

Plant flowers and plants in your garden

A home garden can decorate a home and encourage children to be physically active by planting a variety of fruits and vegetables or flowers and plants that are colorful and attractive to look at; this will help to make the garden more inviting and encourage children to want to spend time in it. You can also include numerous activities in the garden that will promote physical activity, like a trampoline, climbing equipment, or a sandbox for digging.

House chores

Decorating a home can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially when done with children’s help. House chores can be a great way to get children physically active, as they move furniture and other household items around. Besides, chores can teach children responsibility and help them to develop a sense of ownership in their home.

Lead by example

If you are active and enjoy being physically fit, your kids are more likely to want to be physically active too. Ensure that you include physical activity into your daily routine, such as going for a walk or a run together, playing tag or hide and seek, or even just dancing around the living room together.

Paint murals

Decorating homes with paint can help keep children physically active. It is a great way to allow them to explore their creativity and use their imaginations. It can also be a great physical activity for children. It will enable them to use their motor skills and coordination.

Hang posters or pictures on the wall that depict active scenes

It will depend on the age of the children, the type of activities depicted in the posters or pictures, and the home’s overall design. However, they can encourage children to be physically active, especially if they can see and reach the posters or pictures. Moreover, if they are hung in an area where the child frequently plays or spends time, such as in a bedroom or playroom, it is more likely that the child will notice them and be encouraged to be active.

Plan and schedule family-time competitive games

The effectiveness of using competitive games to decorate your home to encourage physical activities for your kids will vary depending on the individual child’s interests, motivation, and level of physical activity. But, if your child is interested in competition and enjoys playing games, then incorporating competitive games into your home decorations can be a great way to encourage them to be more active. Furthermore, you should know the games your children like and have them on your list. Also, you can introduce new activities that you find to fit your kids’ interests. Remember to record the scores to make your family time more fun.

Decorating is a great way to encourage an active lifestyle and promote health. Be smart about the features you include at home so that you and your children can stay active and get in shape. If you make your house feel like a fun, vibrant place, you will naturally meet your physical fitness goals, and whatever your family does together will let you be busy and active. Hence, it affects every member of your family to be active.


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