How Do You Motivate Your Child To Perform Better In Online Study?

Education is the basic necessity of life. It should be a necessary part. It makes people behave in a civilized manner. As there is advancement in technology, the education world is revolutionizing. There are different forms of it. Some of them are formal, informal, and non-formal. Nowadays, online education is also one of the types of education that are getting hype. There is religious education that is compulsory for Muslims. It starts with the study of Noorani Qaida. It helps in easy learning of the Holy Quran.

Importance of Education:

The significance is from the following reasons:

  • Generate Employment Chances:

With the increase in literacy rate, there is a decrease in getting jobs. People are becoming unemployed. A qualification will lead you to get a better opportunity for a job. 

  • Income is Increased:

With a better job, your monthly income will be higher. Your lifestyle will become comfortable. It will revise the concepts of your study.

  • Development of Skills:

An educated person will have more sense of giving a specific reaction to certain things. He would develop problem-solving skills that help him to deal with every tense situation. It also guides in developing critical and logical thinking.

  • Decision Making:

Education helps people to form their own decisions and opinions. It guides them to the right path. They will find pieces of evidence to their decisions and can justify them in front of others.

  • Establishment of Economy:

Literate people will get different job opportunities. It helps in establishing the economy of their account. They will contribute to the nation’s economy as well. They have a chance to transform their lives.

  • Giving Empowerment:

The purpose of education is to attain strength. Weak people get empowerment. It gives courage to people to stand by their decisions and mental agility at the right time.

Importance of Online Education:

With the popularity of technology, online education is getting better. It is a beneficial method to educate your child by sitting at your home. When comparing with traditional education, it is advantageous. It helps in boosting the power of decision-making. The edge of online study is the build-up relation of student and teacher. It connects them emotionally and internationally. They are linked around the world. It creates a clear mindset for the students. They could choose the subjects they like. They have a free hand in selecting their tutors. They choose the one with whom they are comfortable. The online system develops the critical skills of the children. They learned about various cultures. It forms the future goals of the students. They create new opportunities. It is also advantageous for having flexible learning hours. They can manage their home life. It gives the flexibility of learning to children.

Encouraging Child to Study:

It is necessary to motivate the students to develop an interest in the study. It plays an active role in building their future. The following suggestions should adopt to help your child in the study. They are the following:

  • Find Un-Motivational Reason:

Different causes demotivate your child to learn. Find them out and devise a plan to prevent him from ruining the future. They find the subject uninteresting or, they have less confidence that drives their strength.

  • Create Easy Study Time:

Your child could develop an interest in the study by providing study time that suits him. Prepare your child by arranging all the necessary things.

  • Availability of Right Tools:

The perfect instruments could bring easiness in the working process of the student. They could use the right tool at the right time. It does not waste their time. They find fewer excuses and do more work.

  • Devise a Study plan:

Create a suitable study plan and prepare your lecture accordingly. It does not form any chaos, and the child will learn everything smoothly.

  • Minimize Stress:

It is a beneficial way of creating interest in the studies. A stressed person cannot pay attention to his studies. Give time to them and answer their questions. It relieves their tension.

Motivation to Child in Online Study:

Various ideas engage your child to stay motivated. Some of them are the following:

  • Create Balanced Routine:

Setting a timetable for everything you do in life is necessary. There are busy schedules organized with a plan. Especially it is when you have a lot of activities to do. Try to follow the routine so that you could succeed in your aim.

  • Encourage Them:

Every student wants uplifting. You would get bored with your daily routine if there is no encouragement. It motivates students in easy learning. Incentivize your child by offering rewards to him. They will learn quickly. Give them a break during their routine.

  • Give Confidence:

It is necessary to make a confident child. Do acknowledge their work in front of others. It boosts strength in them. Give them suggestions to improve their learning. Tell them that you trust them. It helps them to focus on their work more than outcomes.

  • Give Them Personal Space:

Allow your child to study in a personal area. It helps to pay attention to their work. They grasp the ideas more and learn quickly. They could learn by audio, video, reading, and writing.

  • Give Flexibility:

It is necessary to build the cognitive growth of the student. They want to sleep, nutrition, and balanced physical activity. All these things are with flexible control. Give them time so that they could feel the importance of their presence.

  • Make Fun Activities:

Busy your child in a different venture. Participate with them in co-curricular activities. It creates fun parts in their life. They will divert their mind from the study routine. Play games with them. Allow them to spend some time with their friends. Make their favorite food and enjoy it with them. All these fun things will boost confidence and guides them to do better.

  • Minimize the Expectations:

It is difficult to guide your children to the right path but, it’s not impossible. Do expect less from your child and give them more. Spare time from your frustrated life and give it to your child. It will pay you back in the form of their bright future. 


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