How Can Kids Do Hifz Quran at Young Age?

Memorization of the Holy Quran is commonly known as Hifz in Muslim societies. The person who has memorized Quran by heart forever is called a Hafiz. Parents of young children often desire for their kids to be Hafiz. So, they explore how can kids do hifz at young age? There are millions of Huffaz(plural of Hafiz) around the world. Surprisingly, Quran is that prerogative book to have learned by countless Muslims since its revelation on prophet Muhammad (PBUH) some 1400 years ago. Here we will share some ideas how you can streamline your child to start memorizing Kitab-Ullah (Quran) at a tender age. 

Guidance to Quran Hifz Journey

According to with yearlong experienced Huffaz and Ulema (Islamic Scholars), there are plenty of ways to steer a child towards Hifz at a Young Age. It is the blessed journey of spiritual growth for kids. Let’s learn what Ulema and spiritual psychologists say about Hifz Quran attempt. 

  • Give Your Child an Islamic Environment
  • Add Short Quranic Surahs in mother lullabies
  • Make Your Child Watch Quranic Recitation Videos
  • Start Teaching Him/Her Arabic
  • Ensure Your Child’s Memory is Sharp
  • Tell Them Stories of Narrations From Quran
  • Enroll them in hifz course for kids.

Imbue Your Child with Intention

Let your child brim with eagerness to learn and memorize Quran. Tell them reward of Quran Hifz in the eye Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (PBUH). They should be yearning to learn Quran. The child should start with instilling a deep desire for Allah and His Words. Parents and mentors are advised to teach kids the significance of seeking Allah’s pleasure through this noble Message on Mankind. Understanding that Hifz is a way of drawing closer to Allah and gaining His mercy can be a motivating factor for young children. 

Place a Strong Foundation

Before getting your child embarked on Hifz journey, it is crucial for him/her to have a solid grounding in basic Quranic recitation and its journey. Children should learn to read Arabic correctly and make sense the meanings of the verses they learn. This foundation will assist them in preparing to know pronunciation and enhance their understanding of the context. 

Ensure Consistency and Regularity

Hifz of Quran needs a regular routine of memorization. Allocate a specific time slots during the day for memorization, review, and recitation. This will help kids build a disciplined practice to Hifz. Now try to increase the number of verses after some days or weeks to memorize verses each day. Judge the observation how your child grasps the verse count. Parents should make sure regular revision to steady progress. 

Practice Repetition

Repetition of each learning task is essential for consolidating memorized verses in your child’s memory bank. Repetition during daily revision sessions and during Salah (prayers) can help strengthen memorization and reduce the chances of forgetting. 

Set Realistic Goals

Parents should involve in a potential child’s achievable and realistic goals for a is vital foundation to keep them motivated. Don’t force them to follow your timeline. Rather, implant an inspiration with their own pace while celebrating each milestone with encouragement and rewards. It can boost their confidence and commitment to Hifz. 

Design Nurturing Environment

Most of the Huffaz at young age find a conducive environment at home and within the community. Parents, family members, and mentors should provide emotional suggestions, encouragement, and appreciation for the child’s building block efforts. Positive attitude of parents towards children’s progress helps them stay focused and motivated. 

Interactive Learning Practice

Islamic Scholars emphasize on interactive and inculcating learning methods to make Hifz more enjoyable. In modern times, audio-visual, storytelling, and group recitations can enhance their interest and understanding. 

Patience and Positivity

Hifz is a gradual and painstaking process that requires patience and positivity. Children may face challenges and setbacks throughout the journey. So, it’s essential to reassure them that progress comes with time and effort. Encourage them to persevere memorization will help build resilience and determination. 

Balancing Hifz with Other Activities

Though Hifz demands a striking dedication, it is crucial to strike a balance with other age-appropriate activities. Encourage kids to participate in sports, hobbies, and academics to nurture a personality. 

Lead By Role Model

Young children often emulate their elders. Parents and mentors who lead by example by reciting the Quran regularly and demonstrating a love for Allah’s words inspire kids to follow in their footsteps. This way, bring them close to the Hafiz who can be their role model

Make Dua (Supplication) For Your Children

Above all, children should be taught to seek Allah’s guidance and help throughout their Hifz journey. Parents especially mother of a would-be Hafiz child should make dua for him in his strive to hifz Quran. 

Final Thoughts

Hifz Quran is a spiritual journey that must not start with scolding the kids. According to Hidayah Network, rather parents should take care for child’s health, diet and mental state.  By laying a strong foundations, setting realistic goals, and offering continuous support and encouragement, parents and mentors can make it easy for children to embrace Hifz as a lifelong devotion to Allah and His sacred book. With this prayer we sign off that May Allah bless every child on this sacred journey and make their hearts illuminated with the repository of His divine words. Ameen. 


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