Home Remodeling Ideas to Teach Your Kids Tidiness

“The work of education is divided between the teacher and the environment.” – Maria Montessori

Teaching kids isn’t a walk in the park. This involves analyzing a lot of tiny factors, even the smallest change in an environment can leave an everlasting effect. As the quote in the beginning mentions, teaching children involves the teacher and the environment.

One of the best ways to create a space for education is to take every opportunity to teach a child. This doesn’t mean constantly slapping them with math homework or a book to read. What better place than their very own home?

The home is where kids eat, sleep, wake up, and repeat. This is where they establish who they are and learn their different habits. Remodeling your home to teach children certain lessons is often a worthy investment.

Studies have indicated the importance of small practices towards long-term habits. This rings true in the case of young kids that are trying to find out how to navigate life. Taking advantage of how quickly kids learn based on their environment might determine their good habits in the future.

Tidiness, specifically, is a wonderful habit that combines a little bit of everything. Time management, consistency, discipline, and a ton more. Tidiness is a wonderful and practical habit that can help kids to learn and improve as they age.

Here is a shortlist of home remodeling ideas to help your kids practice tidiness.

1.   Nice Things at Home

We’ve all heard the popular expression of “this is why we can’t have nice things”. It is generally said when someone is clumsy or misuses a certain object. This is a common ideology when parents refuse to buy pricey furniture.

The thought that “well, we have kids so it would be at risk” tends to hinder parents from decorating their homes with expensive objects. This tip is all about fighting that idea and realizing that kids are young adults.

They aren’t wild animals that can’t be taught what to and what not to do. Having nice things at home might risk your wallet but it makes your kids conscious about something.

Have you ever noticed an adult walking in a field where nothing is at risk? Compare that to an adult inside a furniture store full of expensive mirrors. The adult adjusts their movements to the environment.

This tip is all about remodeling your home into your dream house. You get to pick the fancy tilings and furniture. Converting your home into the aesthetic and elegant house of your dreams.

You can upgrade into a fancy couch that needs to be constantly cleaned and maintained. Although some might see the maintenance as a hassle it is an opportunity for children to understand that nice things need to be taken care of.

As an example, instead of having them bathe in a completely robust shower because you’re worried of their clumsiness you can have them in a fragile bathtub. Something like a clawfoot tub will make them practice cautiousness.

A clawfoot tub tends to come at a pricier range but also sports a very elegant and clean look. Considering how clean and wonderful they look standing on their “claw feet” children will easily find a reference point.

Additionally, having a tub that stands on four feet provides easy access to the floor below the tub. This is a space that needs to be maintained and can easily be cleaned by children. A clawfoot tub simply presents an easy to accomplish task that teaches good habits. So, professionals in Sacramento bathroom remodeling will help you choose something that fits your children’s needs, and make the right changes to your bath for easier maintenance.

Educating children is all about realizing the little opportunities in every moment. You can have the kids clean themselves in a wonderful bathtub. In doing so, they get to appreciate nice things, they get to value and attach themselves to something that needs care and maintenance.

Bathtubs may not be the peak of “high maintenance” but they are something that kids and even adults can easily attach to. Something that they can easily maintain and have that tidiness translate to bigger things.

2.   Setting up a Bulletin Board

These were the source of announcements for old high schools and colleges. Bulletin boards allow you to leave certain bits of information like chores and appointments for the whole house to see.

Setting up a bulletin board may simply involve a few screws and a drill depending on how you want it done. Remodeling your house is all about what you need and how you want it to be represented.

A bulletin board may not be necessary but it does help your children to focus on management. This management translates into keeping the board clean and organized. This tidiness can then translate into other things in life.

A bulletin board in the middle of the house might be the nudge that your kids need towards being a time management machine. There are plenty of benefits to having your bulletin board at home. You can learn about these advantages here.

The best thing about a bulletin board is how flexible and customizable it is. You can have yours focus on chores while a different family uses theirs for their calendar. It is completely dependent on what your family and children need.

3.   A Cleaning Rack

As an adult, you may have naturally learned to organize things on your own. You know where the spices and other food items are. This is because you know where you have placed certain objects and where they belong in your house.

A cleaning rack can be anything from a spot in your living room to an actual shoe rack. This location will be dedicated to cleaning items around the house. This simple change can help your kids to practice finding something that they need in the same spot they leave it.

Since it contains cleaning materials you get to hit two birds with one stone. As they form the habit of cleaning they also practice proper organization and placement of items.

4.   Making More Space

Kids learn based on their environment and what they see. If you live in a home that is extremely cramped and messy then they might see it as “normal”. Your kids might look for unorganized environments to feel at home.

Remodeling your home to feel more spacious and free can give you more room to breathe and to teach good habits. Making a home feel more spacious is easier said than done. Not all of us can simply toss things aside and instantly have more room.

However, making more space can be done through a variety of methods. Maybe, your home has an unnecessary clunky wall that takes up too much space. Certain colors make a space tighter than it actually is. And maybe, it’s in the way your furniture is arranged that makes things feel unorganized.

There are plenty of ways to work around limited space. You can check out the different tips to make your room and home feel open and free by clicking here.

5.   Color Coding

Tidiness is all about cleaning and organizing, the habit of making things and your life tidy. Few things can be considered more organized than “color coding”. Color coding is a simple way of organizing and placing items.

You can adjust your home to color code clothes in the closet or toys in the chest. Color coding can be done in any part of your home. It isn’t just about making things look aesthetically pleasing, it teaches your kids about organizing.

You can have your cabinets painted to hold specific kinds of colors. Color coding containers may be accomplished with long term paint or even some wallpaper from your local shop.

Remodeling your home to remind your kids of a natural organization will teach them to constantly organize their belongings.

Color coding teaches kids that some items belong in one area but a certain manner. Just because they look the same or serve similar functions doesn’t mean you can simply toss it in there.

Having a new look to your home may feel satisfying but above all, it teaches good habits and contextualizes arranging items.

Key Takeaways

Tidiness is a very subjective and contextual idea. Some people perceive tidiness with the organization while others imagine squeaky clean bathrooms. A tidy person is often a combination of both and very rare to find.

To a certain extent, every single one of us lacks tidiness for a certain aspect. It can be the dishes that you dread washing or maybe that one chair that contains all of your not-so-clean clothes.

Being tidy is a very useful habit when it comes to “adulting”. Almost every adult eventually finds themselves tidying up. It may be a constant small action or a large burst of sudden cleaning. The habit of being tidy is highly sought after.

Teaching this habit to our kids is not an easy task. It involves understanding things from their perspective and then contextualizing certain lessons.

Learning is very dependent on the environment and remodeling and adjusting your home to be more educational will do wonders. Don’t forget to check out our shortlist of remodeling ideas to help your kids form the healthy habit of being tidy.

  1. Nice Things at Home
  2. Setting Up a Bulletin Board
  3. A Cleaning Rack
  4. Making More Space
  5. Color Coding

These may be simple and quick ideas but the learning doesn’t always have to be complicated. Small practices over a long period turn into strong habits.

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