Genius STEM Activities for Kids to Learn the Skills

STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) activity is a part of the curriculum in schools to prepare students in these fields. Kids love getting engaged into activities and challenges that would certainly help their brain to develop and plan for their future. There are hands on projects for different subjects to help the kids to prepare for their techy and mathematics future. There are various STEM activity ideas that are implemented depending on the grade the kid learning. There are STEM activities for middle school to kindergarten, with different ideas to create fun and learning environment.

This article presents you with different and easy STEM challenges for kids learning in different standards. You can use any of these ideas to include in the classroom session of extra-curricular activities.

Exploring STEM with Measurement:

This is among the easy STEM activities for elementary kids and you can use it for measuring favourite toys for kids. There are both standard and non-standard measurements, and kids can use something unusual like talking about the underwear which is quite hilarious. Once they are done with the game, do ask them some questions. Questions include – Why is standard measurement useful? Why are there different units of measure for things, including length and weight? What is flexible tape measure?

STEM activities for middle school kids:

There are different STEM activity ideas for middle school kids and one such is Explore Force and Motion. In this activity, kids can try and create a marble run with pool noodles or toilet paper tubes and build a car. This is a quite interesting STEM activity for middle school kids and they would surely love to do over and over. However, it is important for kids to keep in mind of avoiding choking hazard of marbles and other small objects.

Once the kid is done with this activity, ask questions like – What happens if you put a bump on the track? Does the size or mass affect the speed?

Building Famous Landmarks:

Let your kid learn the engineering field right at the small age. One of the best STEM activities for 5th grade kids, this challenge offers kids to build the famous Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China AND the Empire State Building. There are around 31 STEM challenge cards having real pictures of the respective landmark. By doing this, kids will develop the skill of abstract thinking, design and engineering skills.

Building of Straw Bridges:

With this activity, kids can learn some engineering marvels by building strong bridges of around the world. From the arch to suspension, there are different aspects of building bridges which the kids can learn while fulfilling the challenge. This can be one of the most interesting quick and easy STEM activities by kids if they learn the techniques.

Math Fact Challenges:

Let your kids start taking up the math challenge with this STEM activity. There are various ways of making this activity interesting. Jumbo sized popsicle sticks and dot stickers are available for the learning process. There are also some editable Math fact games are perfect STEM activities for 3rd grade kids to start learning math.

Explore with Tools:

Want your kid to learn about the engineering tools? Then check out the Explore with tools STEM activities where kids can learn about different tools including hammers, wrenches and screwdrivers. If you’ve old appliance which isn’t usable, then let your kid experiment using various tools.

STEM with Building Blocks:

If you want your kids to learn building blocks right from the small age, then STEM activity of building blocks is the best option. In fact, building block is one of the interesting STEM activities for Kindergarten kids. Use of wooden blocks, plastic bricks and magnetic blocks is the best way to learning building blocks. Your kid will certainly create some beautiful design.


STEM activity ideas are many, but it depends how old the kid is. There are STEM activities for 5th grade to middle school which can be selected as per their interest and gaming choice. STEM activities are really great for kids to upgrade their knowledge in specific subject.


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