Fun Things to Do With Kids in South Korea

If you’re considering taking a family trip to South Korea but aren’t sure where to go and how to keep your kids occupied, look no further! There are tons of things to do all over South Korea that are good for kids of all ages.

From museum tours, to playgrounds, South Korea has something for every interest. Let’s dive in and discover some of the best things for kids to do in South Korea.


Even though there are many amusement parks in South Korea, Everland is unquestionably the most extensive and top-tier of all of them. Every year, Everland, which is essentially the equivalent of Disneyland in the United States, welcomes tens of thousands of extra guests.

It is easy to see why Everland is a must see for anyone traveling with children because it features karaoke singing ride operators in addition to the largest wooden rollercoaster in the world.

Kid Cafe’s

If there was an American equivalent to Korean Kid Cafes, it would most likely be ultimate drop in daycare. A Kid Café is a place where you can drop off your children and they will be personally attended to by someone entrusted with playing with them, watching them, and attending to their every desire. It’s the equivalent of paying for childcare at a monitored playground.

Almost every street corner in nearly every city in Korea is peppered with Kid Cafes catering to every imaginable interest. Craft cafes, museum cafes, water sports cafes, culinary cafes, party cafes, wildlife cafes, cafes for various ages, and more!

Parks and Playgrounds

In addition to the fact that there is a Kid Cafe on virtually every corner, there are also parks and playgrounds that have been constructed with young families and children in mind virtually wherever you turn. In recent years, Korea has been making an effort to encourage a younger population as well as expatriates to have large families by offering various incentives and benefits.

The family-friendly atmosphere that Korea is striving to achieve can be helped along by the proliferation of playgrounds and parks throughout the country.


Korea is filled with many different types of museums to experience the best the country has to offer. While some museums are geared toward an older crowd, there are tons of kids museums around the country that are sure to please even the youngest of travelers.

Visit food museums like Kimchi or Korean Noodles, or take a more serious history trip to the DMZ. The de-militarized zone, or DMZ, is a two and a half mile wide area between North and South Korea.

The tour of the area retells the history between the two countries and how they came to be separate.If you are looking for a more educational trip for your kids, the DMZ is most certainly a must-see.


Jjimjilbang, also known as Korean spas, are distinct from other types of spas in that their primary goals are to help clients relax, enjoy spending time with loved ones, and improve their appearance. There is no time limit on how long you must stay in the common area or unwind in one of the warming rooms, compared to traditional spas that let you stay for only an hour or two.

The layout of a Jjimjilbang consists of a big public bathhouse that is separated into male and female sections and is equipped with hot tubs, showers, and traditional massage tables.

There is a community room that is open to both sexes and is equipped with refreshments, heated flooring, and seating areas where guests can rest, lounge, and watch television.

You would find communally heated rooms in the section that is designated for communal use, and these rooms would feature relaxation aids such as crystals, wood, and other natural components. Experiencing the traditional jjimjilbang is a great experience for children of all ages!

Family-Friendly South Korea

Along with the above motioned, there are some many other family-friendly things to do in South Korea. You can visit the many beaches along the coast or take a hike through the evergreen forests.

If outdoor activities aren’t your style, check out a few of the many markets and shopping centers around. You can purchase just about anything, including traditional Korean baubles.

Wrapping Up

There are many great places to visit with your kids in South Korea. Most importantly, is to keep your kids safe in a country like Korea. These are the 6 most fun things to do with your kids when visiting.


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