4 Features To Consider When You Buy An Air Sander And The Benefits

A vehicle’s surface is smoothened by using an Air sander before the surface is painted. Sanders have a variety of uses like removing rust, buffing, varnish and polishing. There are different types of sanders available in the market and they are quite versatile for its wide range of purposes it is used for.

4 Major Factors To Consider When You Are Buying An Air Sanders

PSI Capacity – Right amount of air pressure is important for the working of air sanders. To power this device properly, one must ensure the optimum pressure provided by the compressor of the air sanders. Air pressure is determined per square inch or PSI. 90 PSI of PSI capacity is required for the compressor when you are running a smaller project.  More air pressure is required when you are running a heavy project and that should be 150PSI or even more Always keep in mind that you should not operate air sanders at a pressure that is lower or which exceeds the specified limit.

Air Compressor’s Duty Cycle – The amount of time required by an air compressor to provide pressurized air during the process of cycling is known as the duty cycle of an air compressor. We usually use percentages to express this parameter of air sanders. In most of the cases air compressors have a duty cycle of 50%. This implies that a 50% break within the cycle is needed by these air compressors in order to prevent any sort of overheating. It also ensures a long working span of the tool. If the duration of the cycle is one hour, then the resting time should be 30 minutes.

Tank Size Of Air Compressor – The pressurized air rate that is available for an air sander to be fully operational is determined by the size of the reservoir of the air compressor. A very big storage tank is advised to be used. The reason being as there is an increase in volume there would be a proportional increase of air in the air sanders. This will make the compressor recycle much quicker and less time would be spent on each job than when you use a smaller tank. When you do not require constant airflow in small projects, a tank size of 6 to 10 gallons would be enough.

Air Compressor’s CFM Rating – A perfect air compressor should be able to generate 10 cubic feet per minute of CFM minimum. Use air compressors that generate 10CFM to work safely and in a convenient manner.

What are the benefits of using the air sanders?

Here Are Some Of The Basic Benefits Of Using The Air Sanders.

  • Air sanders are very much efficient in working in harsh weather. No matter whether it is heat, water, debris, or other extreme conditions, the air sanders will work as effectively as it does in a normal environment.
  • Needless to say that air sanders are far more user-friendly. The risk is highly reduced in air sanders than the electrical ones.
  • As it is based on the compressor, it is lightweight and therefore, easy to use. On the other hand, electrical ones are far more weighty. So, using the air sanders is easier.
  • As it is easy to use, it increases the productivity of the project workers.
  • Air sanders need a certain level of maintenance to work efficiently.  

It is often challenging to choose air sanders for sanding projects and make sure you check the above-mentioned features thoroughly before buying one so that your purpose is served properly.


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