Finding A Baby-Sitter For Your Children In Australia

If work is keeping you late, or you and your partner plan a romantic date night after a long time, then going for a babysitter should be your first option. However, putting your precious babies in the hands of children will induce some anxiety.

Lucky for you, there is a step-by-step guide to choosing the right babysitter. Yes, it is an extensive process, and you should start this at least a week before the day you need their service.

You will need to ensure that they have a good track record, no criminal record beforehand, and some credibility to be good for their job.

Why You Need To Choose A Babysitter Carefully

If you think about why you should hire a babysitter, here are some benefits you can enjoy if you pick the right babysitter.

  • They will get along with your child, and you do not have to worry about your child feeling alone.
  • If you inform a babysitter previously or hire one permanently, they will be available in time of need. Therefore, you do not have to worry about finding one in a hurry.
  • If you pick a babysitter with the right research, you will have no trouble with negotiation and affordance.
  • They will always be on the right side when it comes to their safety.

How To Find The Right One

Here is a step-by-step guide to hiring the right babysitter permanently or temporarily for your kid or kids.

1. The Qualification

The qualification of the babysitter is very important. Yes, they could come with a plethora of experience, but the qualification gives them the green signal to take care of a child.

Babysitter qualification comes from this basic babysitter course and training. By the end of this training, a qualified babysitter is provided with a government-issued certificate. Therefore, you can be assured that they have received the training to continue taking care of a child, regardless of age.

2. An Already Known Member Of the Family

If you are in a hurry and do not know whom to hire, you can take the loophole of picking someone from the family. However, that does not mean you would just hire anyone with a qualification.

You can ask them to present you with some form of a portfolio. You can call up other relatives for whom this individual has worked and get feedback.

No matter what the emergency is, do not leave your kid in the hands of a teenager who doesn’t have any experience in the matter. This is dangerous for your child and the underage teen who has undertaken the responsibility.

3. Their Portfolio

Their portfolio is where you will be able to see most of the experiences the individual had. Now, a ton of experience is not always equivalent to a very good babysitter, so always check the reference letters.

If possible, call some of the contacts given in a reference letter and talk to the parents who have hired them. This will give a clear idea of their skill set and how reliable this person is.

If a person has no experience, they must be new to the job. Then you should be checking their certificates and the firm they are working with. Giving a call to the firm is also advised to ensure your child’s safety.

4. Their Profile

Their profile is a little different than their portfolio. Whenever you are hiring a babysitter, it is obvious that you would look through firms that essentially offer the service. The profile is the firm’s profile we are talking about.

You need to check these pointers to understand their credibility.

  • How long have they been in the business of babysitting?
  • What is their hiring process?
  • What is the qualification of the babysitters whom they are hiring?
  • Do they provide any extra training for the newly hired babysitters?
  • Are they available for a 24 hours call service if anything goes wrong?

You can either check these on their website or, if you need any additional information, simply call them. 

When you hire a babysitter, you will be giving them an emergency contact number right? Similarly you should get an emergency contact number from the babysitter as well, in case they are unable to reach the babysitter. 

5. Police Verification

Babysitters and criminal records, or someone who has been accused of being under the influence, in possession of arms, DWI, or petty larceny, are completely a no-no. Therefore, requesting a criminal record before permanently hiring one is important.

On the other hand, you can also set up your police verification by the nationally coordinated criminal history check. However, ensure to address this situation in a civil manner. Do not force them if they do not wish to; move to a different babysitter if needed.

You do not have to start new employment with someone with a sour taste.

6. A Good Interview

A good interview is an excellent way to know your babysitter and test reach. This is how you can start. 

  • You can brief them about your job description, and they talk about your work.
  • Give them a time zone of when you might need them, including some emergency situations.
  • Test them on their skills in child and baby care.
  • Give them certain (drastic scenarios), and ask them to articulate their course of action in this situation.
  • Do not underestimate any question; ask them everything in detail.

You Are Ready To Hire One!

Once you have hired your desired babysitter, it is time to make them understand their job. First off, give them a schedule of the time they need to be present if you are hiring them permanently.

Give them a briefing on the child’s food allergies and habits. Plus, give them your emergency contact if neither of your phones is unreachable. This could be a neighbor or a guardian.

If you have a family doctor who attends to your child’s needs, then give them that number as well. So, yes, they are trained, but each kid is different, so ensure you are training them well.


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