Pros and Cons of using Family Babysitters

Having kids in the home is the cutest thing because it brings out the happiness around. However, for working parents managing kids can be a tedious task. There are situations when you can’t carry along your kids to certain function or place, and during this situation you need someone who can babysit your kid. If you’re living in a nuclear family, then you don’t need to hire someone to care of your kid and also don’t need to worry about certain things.

Using relatives as childcare givers is certainly the best way to keep your kids under the care of responsible people. This is a big relief for young parents who are busy in their professional life. Parents may get anxious when an outsider does babysitting.  This is because of the trust issues.

Even if family members raise the kid, there are certain pros and cons of care by a relative. We need to check out how babysitting is effected if done by family members. Let us now check the pros and cone of parents as babysitters:

Pros or Advantage of using relatives as childcare givers

  • Families are no more Strangers:

One of the pros of using relatives as childcare givers are they are no strangers to you, and this is the biggest tip. Kids are close to them and mean a lot them too. They know how to nurture your kid with right values required to give a promising growth when you’re not around.  So why hand over your kid to a stranger when your family member can raise your kid?

  • Share similar Values and Activities:

Family child care members share similar values, discipline and appropriate activities. This means your kid will certainly get the same value and discipline that you want your kid to follow for a better future. This is something which may not to be applicable with babysitting service unknown to your family values and activities.

  • Kid will be at Home:

Having a family day-care for your kid by a member is like keeping your kid in your home, rather than keeping at someone else’s place. Your kid will feel homely experience and learn things quickly because they are learning from family members in their own home.

  • Cheaper or No Cost:

One of the obvious reasons of using relatives as childcare givers is you can save a lot of money. If the relative is very close to you, then they may not take money for the babysitting, depending on what expenses you take care of. If your kid is taken care by your mom or any sibling, then naturally there is no money involved in it. This is the biggest advantage parents can have.

Cons of using family day-care

If there is an advantage of using relatives as childcare givers, then there are disadvantages too:

  • Accusation of Seeking Parental Advantage:

Doing the job of babysitter in the house by parents or siblings, there can be accusations of taking advantage of their liberty and parental. Many may even see the situation as you’re putting too much pressure on grandma or grandpa of your kid to take care in the age when they need relaxed life. So when it comes to family child care, make sure you don’t turn your granny or mom into nanny.

  • Parenting Challenges:

One of the biggest cons of using relatives as childcare givers is the parenting challenges. Different family members have different rules and methods of living, which can be forwarded to your kid. Your niece may like to wake up till late night, so is your kid. You may not like spanking your kid, but your dad or grandpa does. Like these, there are many more parenting challenges that can be a disadvantage.

  • Different Set of Rules:

You may have been raised by your parents with a certain set of rules that may differ with your rules while raising your kid. So if having a family member care for your kid, your parents will follow the olden raising rule, which you may disagree. In fact, having two sets of guardians will certainly confuse your kid as they grow up.

  • May not mingle with People:

Placing your toddle for day care center helps your kid to interact with other kids, thus helping to mingle with others and learn things, which is something that is missed in family child care. Your relatives or parents may not allow your kid to interact with other people or kids with the fear or getting bad influence. This will certainly affect your kid’s development in all the areas.


Relative care of your kid happens when you’ve no choice but to keep your kid with them. This can be due to high child care center fees or non-availability of reliable babysitters around. This is when babysitter in the house comes to the role. However, as responsible parents, do check out the pros and cons of care by a relative to avoid any issues in the future.


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