Christian Schools Linked To Better Whole Child Development

To know that indeed Christian schools offer a better whole child development, perhaps you ought to understand the full purpose of education.

A good education system must seek to equip a child with skills beyond what the regular classroom offers. It must enable them to understand life and the world, and their place in it.

Unfortunately, public schools cannot be able to instill this understanding because they don’t have the resources, or the will to do it. Overall, a private school, and a Christian one for that matter, is linked to better holistic child development.

The philosophy behind Christian schools

The philosophy behind the Christian schools is to use the word of God through the curriculum.

They guide the students to understand the lordship of Christ through all aspects of learning. This is something that public schools will not do lest they become “politically incorrect.”

The Christian schools do not seek to impact information only. They also teach the heart. The students will learn how to handle their emotions, and to always think how their actions will affect the other people.

These schools try to impact the world view of their students and train them to be responsible, productive, and of upright character.

Above all, Christian schools also teach students that God is at the center of their search for knowledge, in all levels of learning.

Surprisingly, the emphasis is on God and not religion

Unlike what many people think, the Christian schools don’t to teach children about religion. Instead, they emphasize a lot on the importance of living a God-centric life in and out of class.

They also teach them how to let God influence the way they handle every phase of their life and every emotion they go through. By teaching positivity in life, the children are holistically prepared for any eventuality in life.

Rather than contain their minds in a religious cocoon, the children’s belief in God should lead them to relate well with people from all backgrounds. These schools also emphasize on learning first, and all other things come second.

Safe emotional and spiritual space

When the children join their age mates in school, it can be hard to isolate those that come from “bad” backgrounds in public schools.

But in Christian schools, the teachers are trained to identify the indications of trauma. They also know how to handle such students. 

Every child should be extended the grace to heal their mind and emotions. While problems will occur when dealing with students from different lifestyles, counseling and positive discipline will make well-rounded students

A good Christian school curriculum is focused on imparting virtues that should be emphasized in every institution of learning. These are forgiveness, sharing, kindness, and concern. The values are not only good for such schools, but for the entire world.

Christian schools give better results than public schools

It is not a secret that private schools post better academic results than public schools. And now, it has also come out that children who study in private schools tend to have better character results. This is because the private schools give a holistic education that doesn’t focus on academic grades only.

Students who go to Christian schools do well in every aspect of life. This includes civically, relationally, socially, and morally. This is what holistic education means. Research shows that Christian schools convey faith while public ones kill it.

By conveying faith, it does not only mean faith in spirituality, but it means even faith in oneself. This is what gives a student the will to push for higher goals and better academic grades.

Value-based teaching vs. value-free space

As a parent, you want your child to school in a space where they can explode to their full potential.

Bearing in mind that the years before teenage are the formative stage that could determine the rest of the child’s life, give them the best!

Public schools do not shy from expressing that theirs is a value-free space. But if you are a Christian parent, or you are not, but you grew up in a value-filled space, you know you want your children to school in a space that is controlled by values.

Better role models for your children

When your children start going to school, the drifting apart has started. From then going forward, they will be spending most of their waking hours with someone else – the teacher.

As a parent, you are the first role model. The teacher comes in a close second. Thus, it is very important that the teacher be of upright character.

A Christian school only employs Christian teachers, because it is most of Christ-like values that they seek to impart alongside education.


A private Christian school will give your child a more holistic education than a public school.

Granted, it costs more money but hey, anything for your children, right?

Not only does it help your children to post better academic performance, but it also gives special enrichment lessons.

Such help the children to discover many things about themselves, and to develop many skills and interests. 


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