Choosing The Right Bags For Children

As kids grow older one of the must-buy items in the family shopping list is the school bag. There is a wide variety of school bags in the market, with dazzling designs. Most parents choose any backpack that is within their budget, and there is normally little consideration given to the quality. In fact, children’s bags need to be picked with great care.  In the case of a school bag, more care should be taken as this is something that has to withstand rough handling and day-to-day use. Children’s bags from SweetHoney clothing are a perfect blend of utility, comfort, and style. They are exclusively designed and patterned in-house, and as such, are unique with a pleasing appearance and enduring quality.


It’s important to make sure that your child’s backpack is the right size. Backpacks that are ill-fitting have the potential to cause shoulder and back strain and pain. Proper fit and comfortable wear should take precedence over price considerations when shopping for a backpack. The width of the backpack should be proportionate to the child’s width. A small child should not go for an adult-sized backpack. Also, the bag’s height should extend from roughly two inches below the shoulder blades to waist level, or slightly above the waist.


Narrow straps are to be avoided at any cost. Straps should be broad with padding for shoulders, for comfortable wear and to avoid excessive pressure on the shoulders. The child has to use both straps in order to distribute the weight evenly. Use adjustable straps for proper fit and positioning.

Pockets and compartments

One should choose backpacks with pockets and dividers to evenly distribute the weight. Heavier items must be placed closer to the child’s back, insider the bag. Lighter items can be put away from the body. Also, ideally all pockets should be able to be zippered. The pockets should also be big enough for different items. For example, the two exterior pockets on either side of the bag should be big enough for standard size water bottles.

Stitching and material

The material used for kids’ bags should be lightweight and light to the touch, but sturdy at the same time. Make sure the zippers can easily be moved to open or close. Make sure also that the fabric is not so soft that it will rip if a few more books are kept inside.  The buckle of the bag should not be too hard to adjust the length and tightness of the shoulder straps.

Backpacks with wheels vs. traditional backpacks

Backpacks with wheels are ideal for those kids who are small for their age, or when there is extra weight to carry. However, sometimes they become a hassle, especially when kids have to climb stairs to reach their classroom. Still, not having to carry so much weight is a strong advantage of a backpack with wheels. Traditional backpacks on the other hand can be used anywhere, and so many choices are available today, such as these from the Real Leather Co. If the weight is evenly distributed and there is the right fit between the child’s body and the bag, the traditional backpack is ideal. They can be used not only for school, but for multiple other purposes, for example, as a carry bag for a summer camp. The least important consideration of all is of course the pattern or design on the bag, but bear in mind that for the child this may be the most important factor. Therefore, it takes a wise parent to find the sweet spot among value for money, comfort, the right fit, size and attractiveness for the child.

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