Overcoming Obstacles in Launching a Daycare Preschool

Anyone who has served as an educator for preschoolers would undoubtedly dream about starting a preschool. It provides an opportunity to directly change a young child’s life through early education. If you are fortunate enough to explore this opportunity, you’ll find a few obstacles that every new preschool owner would.  

This blog explores all of the challenges anyone would face when starting a preschool. We also provide you with a few solutions to help pass these obstacles.                 

1. Excessive Legal work and Paperwork

Starting any business, there is a long list of legal requirements. The thought of all of these requirements can be quite intimidating. Examples of legal paperwork necessary to launch a daycare preschool are:

  • Government & education body registration
  • Health and safety licenses
  • Business tax registration

There are other paperwork tasks associated with running a daycare. These include managing child records, staff management, bills, financial paperwork, and more.

You can overcome these challenges by seeking professional legal advice and ensuring all legalities are met.

2. Financial Limitations

Starting your own daycare preschool business will require a fair amount of financial investment. Not everyone has this available at the time of opening the preschool. As a result, it leaves them with the only option of getting a loan.

Taking loans to start a preschool business may not be an option for everyone. Repaying the loan could be a problem. This is especially true if it isn’t profitable or takes longer to do so.  

Financial constraints can be kept to a minimum by budgeting and planning well in advance. You can also choose partnerships and other funding options available.

3. Staffing Issues

Staff for a daycare preschool need to be experienced and have the right characteristics. Some of these desirable qualities are compassion, understanding, good temperament, and patience.

Finding staff that match all the requirements can be very difficult. Also, teacher training initiatives are an additional cost to think about. This often makes finding the right staff time and cost-consuming processes for owners.

Furthermore, owners must look into the backgrounds of all teaching and non-teaching staff. This is to ensure child safety and a crime-free environment.

Partnering with a third-party recruiter will be able to provide staff in a relatively short time. This cuts down time wastage and costs.

4. Ensuring Constant Enrollments

To cover costs and be able to return profits in the shortest possible time, your preschool must be able to secure maximum enrollments. 

Attracting enrollments will require you to appeal to parents. You will have to specify and show the unique qualities of your daycare preschool. This could be difficult if the market is already saturated with competitor preschools.  

An effective marketing strategy comes as a useful aid. Besides traditional marketing, use digital methods such as social media marketing and word of mouth. To increase admissions, provide a limited-time incentive, trials, and even open house events. 

5. Location & Infrastructure Hassles

Choosing the best location for your preschool is essential. It will ensure safety and easy accessibility. The interior of the preschool also needs to be customized to suit small children. That includes the decor, furniture, and facilities.

This will require custom services and may cost a bit extra as well. However, it will ensure a safe and secure environment for children to learn in. As for premises and rent costs, you could even start a preschool at home or in a residential area.  

6. Ensuring Profitability But Still Ensuring Education

During all the difficulties of starting a daycare preschool, it’s vital to remember why you are starting the journey. Remember your passion for early childhood education and don’t let this change.

When things become difficult, you can always seek third-party services or even delegate tasks. Your top priority should always be to enrich the learning experience and spend time with the children.     

7. Adapting to Changing Market Demands

Child education is constantly changing and it is vital as a preschool owner to stay ahead of them. Being flexible to these changes is crucial if you want to succeed. Be willing to discuss solutions with parents, staff members, and other community members.

There is an easier way to launch a successful preschool. That is to partner with a preschool solutions provider. They will provide support in every aspect. From choosing a location to providing a winning curriculum and even marketing your preschool business. 


The opportunity to start your daycare preschool is a fulfilling thought. But to succeed in every situation you must be ready to face the challenges. Understanding and addressing these challenges beforehand will better prepare you for overcoming them and succeeding.

These challenges decrease in number when you have academic support from an expert in early childhood education.


Que) Can a daycare preschool business be profitable?

Ans) Yes, a preschool can be profitable if marketed properly. With the right strategy, you can break even start covering your costs, and become profitable.

Que) Who should open a preschool business?

Ans) There are no restrictions as to who can or can’t open a daycare. However, educators and edupreneurs are best suited for these businesses due to their knowledge and experience.


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