Child Care Guide – Things to Consider When Choosing a Kids Day-Care Center

“If kids come to us from strong, healthy, functioning families, it makes our job easier. If they do not come to us from strong, healthy, functioning families, it makes our job more important.” – Barbara Colorose

The global market of the child care industry has reached a considerable extent of $339.1 billion in the past years. Interestingly, this industry is growing at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 8.3%. Now the experts expect the market to reach $520.4 billion by the end of 2022. And if this happens, it will be historic progress for the world to witness.

The expanding scope and market growth of child care businesses have raised a question on the quality of services delivered. Nowadays, many child care centers provide not up to the mark services as they pay attention to filling their pockets.

So, what is the solution here?

The true and reliable solution lies in selecting the right child-care provider or center for your toddlers. There is a string of factors to consider and make a safe choice for the upbringing of your kids. We have compiled a list of some necessary factors for your help.

#1 – Security

Security is of utmost importance for kids. Therefore, take a    stroll inside the daycare center and see how secured it is. There are many factors to consider and judge here. Feel free to ask the service providers enough questions to be assured of their services and security measures for kids.

#2 – Know what’s their activity plan

One of the basic mottos of sending your kids to a pre-school is to let them learn a few basic habits and activities. Thus, make sure you go through their activities chart or plan to know what they have been keeping in their kitty for your notorious ones. In this context, most Story House Early Learning Centers prove to be a wise choice. Such centers are committed to delivering high-quality child upbringing services and programs, making it a surreal and knowledgeable journey.

#3 – Hygiene

Go for a child-care service center that is friendly and hygienic. This is important, especially after the pandemic circumstances. Inspect each corner of the center, check the quality of slides in the playground, toilets, and furniture. Ask the service provider if they have adequate arrangements for sanitization of the premises or not. Besides this, keep a check if they are providing good potty training seats and bedding. All these factors can help you analyze the service quality and standards of the daycare center.

#4 – Staff

Checking on the staff is of utmost importance. The ideal staff members for a daycare center are the ones who know how to deal with curious children with great patience. The overall capacity of the staff members should be a blend of younger and older members. This ensures better dealing with the children.

The younger ones can keep the children entertained while the aged staff members are always there to ensure the best for your kids. Moreover, it helps to keep a blend of strictness and friendliness in the overall surroundings.

#5 – Food and beverage services

Almost every daycare center keeps enough stock of ready-to-eat food for the notorious ones. Generally, this is kept with an intent to fuel the energy levels of kids after long hours of constant playtime. Plus, this turns out to be a sigh of relief for always-worried parents.

However, it is a plus point of any daycare center, but they are providing quality food to your little ones only when you know. Inspect the food and beverages’ quality wisely. Check the nutrient value of the snacks offered and make sure it does not lead to any health issues. Besides this, check the kitchen/pantry’s hygiene standards and the one serving meals to the kids.

#6 – Timings

When finding out the best child care organization in your vicinity, you may end up having a lot of options in front of you. But try going for the one serving flexible timings to wave off your pick and drop hassles. Moreover, flexible daycare centers cope the best in emergency circumstances.

The final line

Daycare services turn out to be a major help for busy parents, especially when both parents are working. Although these services are easily available in the market and an individual can avail of them anytime, the major concern is if you are going for the right ones. Inspect every element about the daycare center and then make your mind to enroll your notorious one.


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