Beyond the Classroom: GEMS American Academy Abu Dhabi’s Approach to Experiential Learning

Learning through experience motivates students to take chances, be imaginative, and develop practical abilities that are essential for triumph in college and in the future. At GEMS American Academy Abu Dhabi, education goes beyond the traditional classroom experience. They offer their students valuable opportunities to learn by putting their classroom knowledge into practice in real-life situations.

This article will explain why learning by doing is beneficial and how the school incorporates this approach into what students learn. This article gives a complete understanding of how the school is preparing the future leaders and thinkers, meeting the requirements of potential students, parents, and teachers.

Experiential learning explained + an outline of its advantages

Experiential learning is gaining more popularity in education because it offers students various benefits. This educational approach involves learning by actively participating in real-world experiences where students apply what they learned in the classroom to tackle problems and gain practical skills and experience in their chosen field. Employers greatly value this experience, as they often seek candidates who possess practical experience in addition to their academic qualifications.

Participating in real-world experiences requires students to think creatively and devise innovative solutions to intricate problems. This type of thinking is highly valued in both college and the workforce, where employers seek individuals capable of creatively solving problems.

Hands-on learning also aids students in developing robust communication and teamwork skills. Hands-on learning frequently necessitates that students work collaboratively with others to attain a shared objective. Participating in such experiences aids in developing essential interpersonal skills that are crucial for success in college and the workforce.

Active learning can help students find their direction in life by providing practical experience in their interests. Facing real-world challenges allows students to reflect on their values, strengths, and areas for improvement, and identify personal and professional goals. This leads to a clearer sense of purpose for their future.

Immersive learning helps students grow personally by providing real-life challenges that push them to learn new skills and step outside their comfort zones. Stepping outside of their comfort zones can help students develop greater self-awareness and confidence. Having these skills makes it easier for them to overcome challenges.

How the academy incorporates experiential learning

Internships are one way that this academy in Abu Dhabi is incorporating practical learning into its curriculum. Internships give students the chance to apply classroom learning to practical, real-world situations. Employers highly value this experience because they seek candidates with practical skills and knowledge, not just academic qualifications.

Community service is another way that this prestigious school is providing students with hands-on learning experiences. Community service allows students to contribute to their community while also acquiring valuable skills and experience. This can also help students cultivate important qualities such as empathy and compassion, which are valuable in any career.

Research projects are yet another way that this well-renowned academy in Abu Dhabi is incorporating applied learning into its curriculum. Participating in research can teach students valuable skills such as data collection, analysis, drawing conclusions, and effectively presenting their findings. Applied learning through research projects allows students to work independently, take ownership of their work, and progress at their own pace, fostering independence and self-direction.

The school values field trips as an important part of their learning-by-doing approach, because through these special trips, their students are able to experience the world outside of the classroom. Experiences like field trips and extracurricular activities allow students to witness how the ideas they study in class are relevant in practical situations.

When students visit a science museum, they can use what they’ve learned in physics or biology class to understand the exhibits and displays they see. This helps them understand what they’ve learned in the classroom better, and it also helps them admirate their subjects more. This helps in enhancing their enthusiasm and curiosity for learning.

The school’s participatory learning approach also involves integrating extracurricular activities like sports, music, drama, and debate into its curriculum. Participating in these activities can provide students with essential abilities, such as working collaboratively, effective communication, taking initiative, and resolving problems. These skills are not only valuable in the respective activity but also in the real world, and can contribute to the students’ overall personal and professional growth.

In conclusion, the academy’s approach to learning by doing is a valuable asset for its students. The school gives students chances like internships, community service, and research projects to gain practical experience and relate their academic studies to real-world situations.

Experience the benefits of the academy’s innovative approach to experiential learning by enrolling online today. Online Enrolment at GEMS American Academy Abu Dhabi provides easy access to a world-class education that prepares students for success in college and beyond. With a commitment to accessibility and practical experience, the school prioritizes its students’ growth and development.


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