6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Away From Mobile Screens

Most parents would agree that it is essential to limit their child’s screen time, but that can be a little harder to do when it comes to mobile devices. Mobile screens are everywhere, and it seems like almost every activity now requires one. But despite their apparent ubiquity, research suggests that limiting mobile screen usage is vital for kids’ development.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, excessive screen time can lead to a number of problems for kids, including obesity, sleep deprivation, and impaired social skills. In addition, all that time in front of screens can also harm kids’ cognitive development.

How To Reduce The Mobile Screen Time for Kids

Set A Good Example

It is always necessary for the parents to understand a basic knowledge that kids work on the tactics of COPY & PASTE. In simple words, whatever will be happening in front of kids, most likely they will copy that and make it their habit. Hence, if you are using your gadgets in front of the kid for a long time, do not expect the kid to stay away from the gadgets. Similarly, if you read books or watch television and your kid notices that, they will be inclined to such habits as well.

At the absolute least, try to keep it to a minimum. When you are around your youngster, try to limit your time on your phone or laptop. Limiting your smartphone usage allows you to spend more time with your youngster. These interactions with your child are critical in developing a good parent-child relationship.

Stick To the Rules

It is critical to establish and adhere to tight guidelines. As a parent, you have a responsibility to ensure that your child leads a healthy lifestyle. Limit your child’s mobile time, no matter how much they beg you, and make sure to explain. Your kids will be inclined to follow your set limits if they understand why you restrict their screen time.

Tell them about the negative consequences of too much screen time. Explain why violent video games, TV shows, and movies might be detrimental, based on what is acceptable for your child’s age. If your children use the Internet, have a discussion with them about the risks of online predators.

Everyone in your family should participate in the conversation regarding screen time and that everyone understands the boundaries. Try to be understanding and approachable; otherwise, they may oppose or break the rules you are trying to enforce.

Set Up a Tech-Free Zone

It would be best to mark specific portions of the house as ‘gadget-free.’ It can be the dining table or the living room. At these locations, no one in the family should use any electronic devices. This will ensure that your youngster appreciates the value of family and other activities compared to electronics. Your entire family should disconnect from their electronic devices. When everyone puts their phones down, it allows your family to spend focused, quality time together.

In the non-tech-free zones, you should actively monitor. It will assist the child in maintaining appropriate posture while also providing a fantastic opportunity to co-engage with your children while they use the screen. If they attend school online or have to use a gadget for studying or learning, stay close to them.

Frequently monitor and assist them to improve their posture, screen brightness, or screen distance from their eyes. This promotes social interaction, bonding, and educational opportunities. Interact with them while monitoring to understand better what they are doing and assist them in overcoming any obstacles. During this entire process you can also make the childhood of your kids memorable. Spend time with them as much as you can, read story books, play games and do activities that will let them enjoy the time with something unique. Click pictures with Robot Cameraman and let them learn photography in a tech-free manner.

Participate in Non-Digital Activities

It is easy for kids to get dependent on electronics for entertainment, thanks to a plethora of applications, games, devices, and materials. Pull your child away from the virtual world and get them involved in more practical activities. Encourage your youngster to participate in activities that do not require the use of a screen. You could take your child on a picnic, play outdoor games, and talk about their schoolwork, or you could do crafts and paint with them.

Playing outside, reading a book, or even bringing out an old board game are possibilities. With the wide range of children’s books, including picture books, your child will shift their focus from online games to books. The gorgeous graphics will capture your child’s interest while developing in them a love of reading. Similarly for capturing pictures you can make use of Robot Cameraman which will let you and your child have a wonderful time making memories.

Utilize Parental Controls

You can use methods to keep your children away from adult information on the Internet and television. It is relatively easy to set up parental controls on most routers, online browsers, and televisions to filter or prevent inappropriate information.

If your children have smartphones, you may use the built-in settings or download apps to filter content. Filter contents will keep your child away from any content or video that is unnecessary. You can also opt for blocking few websites, or restrict web searches by making changes in the Safe Search settings. This will help your kids to only see filtered contents.

Make Accessibility Hard

Make it difficult for your youngster to utilize the electronic devices in your home. Protect your laptops, cellphones, televisions, and other electronic gadgets with passwords. Your child will learn that there is a limit to how much time they can spend on electronics if you are firm about it. Making screen time a luxury rather than a right would be a good idea. A child’s phone, laptop, or video game could be one of those privileges if you apply a method of punishment that involves taking away privileges (negative consequences).

However, after you have established a limit on screen time, please do not allow them to earn extra time as a reward. Instead, stick to the daily limit and promote excellent behavior with additional free or low-cost prizes. It can also aid in establishing (and enforcing) a household schedule. Making it evident to your children when they are and are not permitted to use screens will assist in explaining your expectations and prevent disagreements.

Mobile screen time for kids has several negative consequences, both short-term and long-term. Mobile screen time can lead to attention, focus, and learning problems. It also increases the likelihood of developing anxiety and depression in kids. Mobile screen time decreases the number of times kids spend interacting with family and friends. Therefore, let your kid enjoy the beautiful times of childhood and practice all the healthy habits that he or she can cherish all throughout their lifetime.  


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