5 Peak Fun Coding Activities to Do In Summer Camp 2022

Does your child have a growing interest in coding and programming?

If so, you need to help them explore this field and hone their coding skills. Teaching kids coding can help them understand how their favorite game or app works. Not to mention, it’s a great skill to develop early if your child wants to consider software and coding as their career.

The summer is the best time to let your child explore their interests and passion without academics weighing them down. This is why we have rounded up our list of the topmost fun, practical, and engaging coding activities your child can do when they are enrolled in a summer camp.

Fun Coding Activities to Do in Summer Camp

Enrolling your child in a summer camp that teaches them coding and related skills can be incredibly beneficial. This is especially true if you plan to make your kids STEM-ready. So, here’s our list of the coding activities you can consider doing:

1. Learn to Code

If your child is interested in coding, consider enrolling them in a summer camp that teaches them all of the basics of this skill. Doing so will help them understand whether they want to explore coding further or not. It will teach them concepts that will create the foundation of their learning of code.

Wevun Global offers a thorough, engaging, and enjoyable online coding camp for teens that will teach your children the basics and fundamental concepts of coding, game designs, programming, and robotics. It will also teach them the fundamentals of coding languages like Scratch and Python.

By the end of this excellent beginner coding camp, your child will be able to build an HTML website from start to finish easily. Learning coding can be difficult, but these online fun coding classes can make it engaging, flexible, and easy to learn.

2. Introduce Them to Minecraft Coding

Minecraft is one of the most popular games children are playing these days. Hence, wouldn’t it be great to enroll your child in a class that teaches them how to build their own mini-game?

The Minecraft coding camp offered by Wevun Global is highly engaging and allows children to solve puzzles through coding. It also teaches them basic coding concepts like the loop, conditions, variables, etc. However, this coding camp is not recommended if your child is only a beginner. If they are, then they should first enroll in a Scratch class before this one.

3. Create Your Own Google Logo

A small but fun activity you can do with your kids while simultaneously teaching them coding is to help them create their own Google logo. They can design it however they want and will be able to add motion and animation to these designs as well. To do all of this, they will use Scratch’s programming language.

This fun activity lets you make the letters dance or create a game through the logo. It is a fun, engaging, and short activity. 

4. Introduction to Scratch Coding

Scratch is one of the most common coding languages that children interested in coding is taught. This is particularly because it has a user-friendly language that is easier to understand children. It blocks typos, which are common errors children might end up making.

In the coding a game from scratch online classes offered by Wevun Global, children will be taught how to use this coding language to develop their favorite games like Angry Birds, Maze, Snake, and more. Since this is a beginner course, it is an excellent option for your kids if they have never dabbled in coding.

5. Learn to Code on Roblox

If your child is a fan of the popular game Roblox, you should consider enrolling them in a beginner Roblox summer camp. It is ideal for children who do not have any experience in Roblox Studio. Children will learn how to create interactive, multiplayer video games in these classes. The teacher will explain the process, do demos, and answer any questions if needed.

If your child is passionate about Roblox, consider turning their passion into game-making. However, it should be noted that while this program is free, it is slightly complex. Hence, it is not recommended for those who are beginners at coding.

Final Words

Coding is a beautiful activity that your children can use in the future. If you want to help develop their skills in this field, consider signing them up for one of the courses offered by Wevun Global.

Learning to code can be overwhelming at first. However, the summer camp courses and activities offered by Wevun Global make it easy to understand and create an enjoyable experience. So, visit their website to sign up today!


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