6 Magic Rules for Parenting to Follow

Parents and their children are equal in that we have the right to live on this earth, to be ourselves, we have the right to success and happiness, and each of us has our development potential.

But only parents are fully responsible for our relationship with their children and the development of their potential.

According to many books on the education and development of children, 6 basic rules will help parents and let children start their way to a happy and successful life as responsible people.

Rule 1. A Child is an Individual

A child is independent, separate from us being, he or she must and wants to live his own life. It is important to realize that child is an independent being who has the right, and the ability to make decisions and make choices.

Rule 2. Grow with Your Child

A person is not born a professional in any area, including the profession of a parent. Therefore, good parents grow and change with the child. Providing him with as much freedom and care as needed in a specific period of development. Transferring responsibility to the child for his life, decisions, and choices at the appropriate moments of their growth is the most important task that parents face.

Rule 3. Unconditional Acceptance

In the first years of life, the parental environment for the child is a kind of model of the world, and how comfortable, warm, and safe the baby is in the family determines how the attitude to the real world, much more complex, rigid and changeable, will turn out in the future. Emotional well-being, a positive attitude towards oneself and the world as a whole in a child, and then an adult, largely depends on his acceptance by his parents.

Rule 4. Set Norms and Boundaries

Parents are the first people who tell to the baby the norms and boundaries of what is permitted and forbidden, acceptable and unacceptable.

Exposing the child to the boundaries and norms of permissible behavior is necessary, first of all, for himself. It helps the child to structure the world and makes the environment safer.

How to Properly Limit the Manifestations of the Child:

Rule 5. Be a Positive Example for Your Child.

At an early age, the child assimilates a significant part of the social experience by imitating his parents. Imitation involves unconscious copying of those behavioral patterns that the baby has in front of his eyes. So do not be surprised if a child hears our correct and good words, but behaves the way you do not want to. Stop and look around.

Rule 6. Correct Communication with Your Child

It is a childhood that is the defining period for the formation of your child’s personality. Therefore, always use the following rules for communicating with him:

A necessary skill that can and should be learned, the ability to hear your child. Precisely to hear, and not just to listen. Use active listening.

One of the important skills in building a dialogue is the use of self-messages. Expressed in the form of “You-message” (“you offended me”, “your manners annoy me”), the message gives the child responsibility for our feelings, which, you see, is not very fair. The response is more likely to be aggression, resentment, or guilt. The use of “I-messages” (“I am worried about you”, “I am worried about your action”) separates the child’s action and our feelings about it and, therefore, leaves more room for constructive dialogue.

Talk to your child “face to face” at eye level! Otherwise, the child perceives you from a top-down position and feels pressure. Talk about your feelings to your child more often. He should just hear that he is loved, accepted, and supported.

Hug your child at least 5 times a day!

Use these 6 rules of parenting, and you will change Your World and the World of your child!

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