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16 Mermaid Decor Accessories To Bring Your Home

Mermaids have a long and illustrious history in folklore and fiction, and they continue to be popular characters in modern television, from Disney films to Harry Potter and others. Are you a lover of these lovely, mysterious creatures, or are you shopping for a gift for someone who is a mermaid fan? Below you will find 16 mermaid themed decor accessories, ranging from trendy bathroom accessories and garden decorations to metal wall art and more that you can bring to your home. Even better, there’s something for everyone here. These 16 items will quench your mermaid fever so have a look below:-

1. Mermaid table

This sculpture, created by experienced artisans, is a beautiful showcase of artistry and traditional workmanship. This beautiful mermaid is holding a cast triton shell and a transparent glass table. This little table, which measures 24 inches from top to bottom, is ideal for finishing off the end of a sofa or holding coffee near a reading chair.

2. Mermaid Welcome Doormat

The Mermaid “Welcome” Door Mat is a stylish way to greet visitors and keep dirt and grime out of your home. The non-skid backing and durable coir design will enhance the beauty of entryways while wiping shoe soles clean. This welcome mat is a fun and effective way to accomplish this. In addition, colorful doormats like these make excellent housewarming gifts!

3. Mermaid Tail Blanket

A Mermaid tail blanket is a great deal to have. You simply slip into the crocheted blanket, and it transforms you into a mermaid, fulfilling all of your wishes of turning into a mermaid. If you’re not sure what it is, it’s a crocheted sleeping bag with knit fins. These woven mermaid tails are a fantastic way to remain warm while still looking fantastic. If you’re throwing a themed birthday party or sleepover for the kids, consider purchasing a variety of colors so that everyone can have a good time dressing up.

4. Mermaid Themed Rugs

There is a wide selection of mermaid rugs for your home if you’re looking for the finest mermaid home decor. Mermaids are popular, and because they live in the sea, they are ideal for a seaside living room, dining room, or bedroom. Though these mermaid-themed rugs are hard to find in a local market, you can find them easily on Amazon.

5. Kids Mermaid Duvet

Make nighttime more enjoyable with a mermaid duvet and pillowcase set that will make your child feel like a true mermaid.

6. Mermaid Artwork

Another simple approach to extend unique decor ideas is to use prints. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of finding a print that fits your color scheme, simply choose a great black-and-white print and frame it in a matching frame.

7. Mermaid Metal Wall Art

Metal Mermaid Wall Art will be a significant component of your nautical-themed décor. These stunning pieces of wall décor are suitable for any beach house, storefront, yacht, ship, and more. It also makes a great gift for the mermaid lover in your life on any occasion. Any beautiful mermaid metal wall art is sure to make an immediate impression on guests.

8. Tapestry of iridescent scales

Tapestries on the wall can genuinely be used for anything. They’re small and simple to put on the wall with thumbtacks, nails, or clothespins. The tapestry of iridescent scales looks intense, has vivid colors and fine line details. The tapestry is made entirely of polyester, which gives it an attractive appearance and silky softness to the touch! More lightweight, comfortable, skin-friendly, and long-lasting. These tapestries can be utilized as a picnic blanket, bed cover, beach towel, yoga mat, table cloth, curtain, and, of course, as a tapestry, wall hanging, or décor.

9. Mermaid Statue For Poolside/Garden

The Mermaid statue is a maritime beauty from her silky tresses to her flashy fins! The massive cast iron mermaid sculpture will add beauty and mystery to your poolside, and with appropriate care, it will last for years outdoors. The Coastal touch will be added to your pool, patio, home, and garden with any Classic Mermaid statue. It’s an excellent present for the nautically inclined gardener in your family or neighborhood.

10. Mermaid Light Switch Cover

These one-of-a-kind light switch covers are carefully carved with finely formed clay scales and polished in iridescent teal, and would make a lovely finishing touch for an aquatic-themed setting.

11. Mermaid Night Light

There are many lovely little Mermaid lamps, lights, and snow globe night lights that are the perfect nightlight for any little girls’ bedroom. These night lights may also come with a remote control that allows you to choose from many distinct colors and different brightness levels. Mermaid night lights are also useful in other places, such as toilets, corridors, and entrances.

12. Mermaid Accent Lamp

The lamp is no joke when it comes to mermaid decor! From indoor lamps to garden lamps, the mermaid can keep an eye on you during the night or guide you in finding your way back home (aka inside the house).

13. Mermaid Tea Light Holder

While unique tea light holders are always terrific housewarming gifts, this fantastic find is perfect for the mermaid lover in your life. It has a great rustic finish that works well in a variety of interior styles, from cottage chic to Scandinavian, and everything in between.

14. Mermaid Wall Clock

Another lovely item is a mermaid clock to go with your mermaid-themed decor. These unique wall clocks are made from a repurposed vinyl album and are a great way to combine your desires for music and the ocean.

15. Mermaid Jewelry Tray

The lovely mermaid jewelry tray will keep watch over your favorite jewelry when you’re not wearing it. On a bedside table, bathroom vanity, or atop a wardrobe cabinet, the tray would look fantastic.

16. Mermaid Decorative Box

Mermaid decorative box is a great idea to keep your most-loved treasures in a safe place. It can be used in the office to conceal little supplies such as paper clips, in the bathroom to store hair ties or bobby pins, or next to your bedroom vanity to store jewelry and other small items.

Bottom Line

Above are a few beautiful and amazing ideas of mermaid décor that you can bring home. If you are a Mermaid lover then you should have a few of these items at home.


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