6 Easy but Paramount Fixes for a Baby-friendly Kitchen

A family that spends time together in the kitchen is a fulfilled one. Therefore, your kitchen must be a genuine piece of heaven in terms of safety and comfort. Besides being careful how you handle kitchen utensils and appliances and where you store your baby’s formula, there are plenty of other things to put in place before your loved one arrives. 

You should make this room feel as inviting and homey as possible, so don’t be afraid of a simple design, cream colours, and plenty of light.

Your baby is a masterpiece, so when they arrive, make sure the space is decluttered and feels spacious and comfortable, in addition to being secure.

Install safety locks

Your baby is most likely curious, which is how they learn about their surroundings. They might have the urge to touch the objects near them and taste and chew on them even when they’re in your arms. Allow them to do these things because sensory stimulation helps them grow.

However, if you don’t baby-proof your kitchen, they might have access to dangerous areas and objects and harmful substances and foods. Ovens, refrigerators, drawers, and lower cabinets are all areas where you should install safety locks. 

Depending on the configuration of your kitchen, it’s best to use drawer and cabinet tab latches with spring action designs. You should also install cabinet locks on lower cabinets. On trash cans, refrigerators, and ovens, you can use adjustable strap locks.

Finish household chores fast

A clean kitchen is simply off the table when you’re having a baby. You’re not devoting your time to mopping and wiping anymore. The formula is everywhere, and after their first six months, you’ll likely have pureed or strained fruits all over the countertops.

Choose furniture colours that make stains less visible to ensure you’re minimising the time spent doing kitchen chores. The cream high gloss kitchen furniture is a stylish and popular option, and it’s one of the most popular finishes, along with white high gloss kitchen units, for a good reason! Such nuances reflect the light, making the kitchen look more spacious and giving the sensation that the kitchen is cleaner than it is. 

Plus, cream high gloss touches are inviting, and your home needs to feel as soothing and welcoming as you can transform it. Going with a natural, calming nuance allows you to further redecorate to your taste, play with the textures in the kitchen, and add accessories or small splashes of colour here and there. 

Baby-proof the dishwasher, kitchen table, and chairs

Locking any appliance is the easiest way to baby-proof your kitchen, and multi-purpose safety locks work well anywhere. Most utensil holders are in the bottom rack of the dishwasher, but your baby may still be able to grab forks and knives. Avoid loading sharp objects in the dishwasher until you run the cycle.

Don’t add detergent before you run it, and certainly do not leave it in sight where it could catch your baby’s eye. Consider switching to a natural, milder detergent if your child likes to get into the dishwasher. 

If your table has sharp edges, adding some corner guards for extra cushioning would be best. They can prevent frightening head injuries if your toddler runs into the corner edge. Also, if your baby likes scratching the table cover, a table cover would prove very useful to keep it in good shape.

Don’t be afraid to cook with your child

Your baby needs to touch and feel textures and smells to develop adult senses. Therefore, allowing them to play with dough is fine as long as they’re not tasting or digesting it. Learning to cook with you also helps them understand how dangerous blades and kitchen appliances are. 

Until your kid is three years old, have them assist you with washing vegetables or allow them to help you using a child-friendly sponge. Sprinkled sugar or flour on food and kitchen surfaces will also be among their most fantastic memories when they’re old. 

Don’t you like mashing potatoes, but your loved kiddo can’t get enough of that purée? Don’t stress anymore! You now have an assistant cook who can do wonders with a child-friendly plastic sponge. 

Be careful carrying hot food 

The danger is not over once you turn off the stove. Transporting hot food can be just as dangerous. Don’t turn too fast when carrying it around your baby, as even placing a plate that’s too hot in their hand can cause burns. Also, avoid carrying hot liquids like a bowl of already-made soup, a cup of hot tea, or coffee. 

If you love being in the kitchen, then your baby’s likely there all the time, too, with you. This increases the need to keep an eye on the stove and oven. Be careful when your baby is around these places, and always keep an eye on what they want to touch and grab. 

Don’t leave the trash bin open

Enough with baby-proofing your kitchen appliances and furniture. You should also focus on an aspect some parents often neglect: the kitchen trash bin full of empty containers, leftovers, and raw food. Besides being disgusting, it’s also potentially hazardous. If you’re spending plenty of time with your baby in the kitchen, get a trash can with a locking lid or keep it out of your baby’s sight. 

Protect the garbage disposal switch with a switch protector, and prevent your baby from dropping objects down the sink with drain covers.

Extra tip! Don’t let your baby play with plastic bags because these can be a choking hazard for children of all ages. Please put them in a plastic bag holder out of your infant’s reach, or tie them up and toss them away immediately. 


All in all, baby-proofing your kitchen is as easy as necessary, with the proper tips and knowledge in mind. Remember that your baby is curious and encourage your “mini-you” by creating a kid-friendly kitchen that encourages sensory and motor development.


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