Stylish Kitchen Decor Ideas to Make it Kids Friendly

A stylish and durable kitchen is the best place to cook safe, healthy food. It is a place where your kids can join you to make a family dinner or learn the art of cooking. After all, it is the first cooking school where they have to use their utensils and practice new things every day.

If you are thinking about interior decor for your kitchen, look at the suggestions below. They will make the kitchen safe and enjoyable for your kids.

Everybody wants a kitchen that is appealing to look at and functional. If you have kids, you’d also want it to be child-friendly. Here are some simple ideas to make your kitchen kids-friendly and stylish:

1.  Install a Cooktop at an Ideal Height

If kids are making their food and drinks, they need a stove that’s at a comfortable height for them. Install a cooktop in the island countertop or install one on the cooking wall so that your kid can reach it easily. You can also get induction cooktops that are safer than gas stoves.

However, consider an ideal height for the cooktop for younger kids who can easily burn themselves.

2.  Get Creative With the Cabinets

You can keep your kitchen utensils like knives, forks, etc., in drawers, but if you want to save space, get creative with your cabinets! You can hang pots or bamboo serving trays on hooks and install shelves in the cabinet so that you can keep things organized. You can even create a little corner where you keep all the items that kids use, such as plates, breadboards, and spoons.

A few ways you can make your cabinets more kid-friendly:

  • Install childproof latches on all cabinets below the sink and stovetop so that kids won’t get into any dangerous chemicals or cleaners you may have in there.
  • Install safety locks on drawers containing sharp objects like knives and scissors to prevent children from hurting.

Kids cannot reach high places, so creating shelves at their height will help them quickly access things they need such as plates, serving trays, forks, etc. They won’t have to ask for help whenever they want something from the cupboards.

For extra convenience, choose shelves that are easy to wipe down and keep spill-prone items at the bottom. To take into consideration all the requirements mentioned above, and to fit them best into your home space, use the help of a professional kitchen remodeling company in Austin, Dallas, or wherever you are, because they will analyze the space, recommend the best solutions and do the changes that you need.

3.  Add Wooden Kitchenware

Wooden Cutting Boards and Spoons can be a fun addition to your kitchen and make it feel more rustic and homely, but they’re also safer for children than plastic or metal ones. Wooden cooking utensils have soft edges that won’t hurt or scratch children if they get in their way while they’re helping you cook.

For example, having cookie cutters on the wall will be a nice touch if they’re into baking and some measuring spoons and cups they can use while cooking with you. Spruce it up with serving boards of different sizes and shapes. Round trays next to cookie cutters on walls make an excellent accent wall.

A wooden serving board that is uniquely crafted is an excellent serveware to add to your kitchen. Beautiful designs make beautiful spaces, just like Meghan Trainor, an avid collector of Lynnliana products, has an impressive kitchen.

They will also appreciate having their own set of utensils such as spatulas or small cheese boards.

4.  Install Quality Material for Countertops

Go with high-quality, durable materials like laminate or quartz countertops over marble or granite. These materials are stain-resistant and scratch-resistant to look great even with regular use by kids. They also clean up easily after spills or other messes, so you won’t have to worry about sticky fingers or spilled juice ruining your countertops.

5.  Choose Kids Friendly Colors

You want your kitchen to feel like home. Don’t settle for colors that only look good on magazine spreads. Select colors that make you happy and brighten your mood when cooking or preparing food.

The design of your kitchen should accommodate the personality of your children. So why not use their favorite colors as a starting point? Colors like blue, red, orange, and pink are great choices to create a happy atmosphere. When choosing paint colors, pick something that will stay in style over time so you won’t have to repaint every year.

6.  Create an Open Area for Play and Learning

For kids to enjoy their time in the kitchen space, avoiding clutter is essential. So try turning the corner into an open space for them to play and learn about cooking activities. You can even add some stools or benches where they can sit comfortably while helping you cook or bake.

Keep toys in one corner of this space so that kids can easily access them while playing in this area. Keep educational games also to learn while playing with these toys and games.

7.  Child-Friendly Flooring

If you have hardwood floors, you can add area rugs in places where your child is likely to be playing or working on an art project. This can give them a soft place to sit while they’re hanging out in the kitchen.

You need to be more conscious about your choice of materials as they will take more of a beating than usual. Use durable kitchen materials that are also easy to clean. That way, you can ensure your kitchen will look great for years to come!

Surfaces like stone or laminate are excellent choices as they’re easy to wipe down when things get messy. Plus, they come in a range of finishes so you can choose something that matches your style. Such surfaces will complement your modern wooden serveware.

8.  Use Hooks for Kids to Hang Their Aprons and Towels

If you’ve got crafty youngsters, then it’s likely that they’ll be wearing their aprons when they’re in the kitchen helping out. When you don’t need them, though, those aprons can take up too much space as they lie around the kitchen.

A better solution is to install hooks under a wall cabinet or even on the back of a pantry door. Your little ones can hang their aprons when not in use and know exactly where to find them when it’s time to cook again.

9.  Use Chalkboard Paint on Cabinets or Walls

If your kids love to draw, consider applying chalkboard paint to one of your kitchen walls or cabinet doors. This way, they can doodle any time they want! It’ll give them something fun to do while you cook dinner, and it’s an easy project for you because the chalk washes off with water.

This will give your kids a space to express themselves creatively while they wait for their food. They can even write down their favorite things to eat so you don’t have to ask them what they want every time!

You need to ensure that they are adequately covered and not stained with chalk dust. You can do white cabinets like Emma Watson that blends well with her cheeseboards.

Bottom Line

Making your kitchen look stylish can also make it a place of fun for the family. Such kitchens are not only stylish but are also functional. You can install essentials in the kitchen cabinets and storage areas to store unique serveware like Jessica Biel with the help of a kitchen designer for childproofing.

While decorating a kitchen, it is crucial to consider your baby’s safety. Kids are pretty curious by nature, and even if they have been warned or told not to touch something, they tend to explore things on their own, which can prove fatal at times. Therefore, while decorating the kitchen, you must think about safeguarding them and keeping it fun.


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