6 Books to Read When Traveling with Children

What’s more enjoyable than a trip? Reading while on the trip. The fact that you suddenly have so much time to read is one of the best things about traveling.

A nice book could be just what you need to unwind and detox from social life, whether you’re camping, taking a short flight, or relaxing by a warm pool.

1. Girls Who Travel by Nicole Trilivas

This book’s overarching thesis is that most women wish to travel and experience new things. The main character will soon discover that exciting experiences can still occur without having to travel very far. One of the best travel storybooks that will have you grinning from the first to the final page!

2. The One Woman by Laura May

The story takes place in Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Kyiv, and Los Angeles. Julie, a graphic artist, serves as the main character in Laura May‘s first LGBTQ romance book. Julie’s life and her relationship with her partner Mark are routine in every way, prior to her meeting Ann. Ann is a kind-hearted and sensitive web developer. It is impossible to deny Julie’s feelings for Ann. The spark is genuine as their present and history converge in Barcelona. Julie has to choose between her love for Ann and her devotion to Mark when tragedy strikes. Will true love last the distance?

3. Less by Andrew Sean Greer

We meet Arthur Less, an aged writer who sets out on a crazy international odyssey in an effort to avoid heartbreak, in Less, an amazing comic book. A dazzling parody of Americans abroad as well as a melancholy travelogue of the whims of the heart, Less’ adventures take him from Berlin to Paris, a ski resort in Morocco, and a Christian writing retreat in Southern India. Greer expertly combines silliness, sorrow, and unrestrained, belly-laughing ecstasy, demonstrating without a doubt that literary books may indeed have happy endings.

4. Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

Do you yearn for a vacation on the Italian Riviera? Look no further than Walter’s sumptuous masterpiece Beautiful Ruins, set in modern Hollywood and Italy during the 1950s. In 1962, the first scene in Beautiful Ruins takes place when Dee Moray, a seductive American starlet, meets Pasquale, the youthful owner of a run-down inn on the Ligurian shore. It doesn’t take long for a wistful closeness to develop between Pasquale and Dee despite the fact that Dee’s stay at the inn is only a stopover on her way to Switzerland for medical treatment. Many years later, an elderly Italian man searching for information about an actress he once met runs upon a disillusioned production assistant on a Hollywood backlot. Beautiful Ruins is a fantasy of betrayal and love that is lavishly envisioned and brilliantly recounted.

5. A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle

A book that demonstrates how to achieve your greatest goals and muster the bravery to go from your familiar surroundings.

The main characters, who are from England’s gloomy and chilly winters, learn to appreciate and live at a pace that is perfectly dictated by seasons rather than by days after relocating to an extremely old stone farmhouse in southern France.

6. Her Majesty’s Royal Coven by Juno Dawson

Four young witches join Queen Elizabeth I’s royal coven in this enchanted, provocative tale and swear an oath to their monarchy and their government. The coven is still active decades later, but the four companions have taken quite different journeys. One works as a housewife, one is a veteran from the country, one serves as the coven’s High Priestess, and the other is purported to be a traitor. However, when Her Majesty’s Royal Coven’s very existence is in jeopardy, all four witches are forced to make a choice regarding their allegiances.

What are your favorite reads this summer?


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