How to Prepare for an MBA Program in Australia

Are you seriously thinking about continuing your education? Does a Master of Business Administration title sound pretty attractive and useful for your future career development? Getting an MBA in Australia might be the best choice for you. Australia is full of B-schools with a great worldwide reputation, so it’s a very sought-after destination for higher education in business administration. If you’re interested in attending one of Australia’s MBA programs, here’s what you need to prepare:

Learn all about the MBA

The Master of Business Administration is a perfect qualification for all professionals looking to advance their careers in management. People who apply for an MBA have an opportunity to become experts in the field of leadership and strategic management. It gives you experience in business management in order to create a productive workplace for all employees, no matter their roles and sectors). It’s smart to look at an MBA as an investment for your career because it adds a lot of value when it comes to your employability, paycheck potential and insight into all the things that a small and large business needs to thrive.

Do some research on the establishments

Australia has a variety of excellent MBA courses, so it’s necessary to research them all and pick the right ones for you. While choosing the best MBA in Australia, it’s necessary to consider various aspects of education and eligibility. There are sources perfect for choosing online programs according to your needs and abilities. When doing your research on establishments, make sure to start early because the process of applying for MBA programs in Australia takes about a year. 

Check the deadlines

Once you find two or three universities, no matter online or brick-and-mortar, look into their deadlines so you can prepare your documentation and application in time. In Australia, sessions usually start in February, so expect the application period to be between September and November.

See if you’re eligible

Most schools require a three-year Bachelor’s degree in order to start an MBA program in Australia. However, schools usually also want to see candidates with work experience—it’s one of the most important criteria for business schools today. If you have work experience in the field, between 2 and 5 years, you can freely apply for management courses. And work experience and Bachelor’s degree are not the only two requirements. Some business schools also look at GMAT scores during admission. These are not always required to be accepted into MBA courses, so keep that in mind. Work experience is always a much better choice and is usually preferred by schools and applicants. In case GMAT scores are accepted, the average score to aim for is 590 in Australia.

What about international students?

International students coming from non-English speaking countries might be required to have TOEFL scores to show their English proficiency when applying for an international MBA. Luckily, TOEFL exams are conducted regularly (over 50 times a year in thousands of centers worldwide) and you can acquire your score in time. In some cases, IELTS is also accepted for non-native speakers. This test provides results about the candidate’s language command focusing on listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Prepare for the interview

If you manage to get shortlisted for admission, you can expect to be invited for a separate interview at your school of choice. An interview is a tool that allows recruiters to find out more about your academic background, aspirations in your career and the reasons why you want to join their MBA program. You’ll also be interviewed about your work experience, so prepare well.

An MBA is a great option to further your education and improve your chances of high-quality employment, great pay and great knowledge that will allow you to grow your business. Best of luck to you during the research, preparation and admission process.


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