5 Tips to Help Your Child Score High in IB Chemistry

There is no exaggeration in saying that IB Chemistry is challenging. International Baccalaureate’s Chemistry in both standard level (SL) and higher level (HL) is considered one of the most intensive chemistry courses out there.

The program is designed to instill a comprehensive understanding of the field of chemistry, as well as the skills needed to excel in this branch of science. IB Chemistry SL will demand at least 150 hours of learning from a student, and HL would require at least 240 hours.

To top it off, the biggest challenge comes in the form of the IB Chemistry Exam. And if you and your child are aiming to conquer it, much preparation is necessary. In order to help your child score high in IB Chemistry, here are five tips from us:

1.   Strengthen your child’s chemistry foundations

When trying to learn anything, the first step is always to master the basics. The same is true for IB Chemistry. It is crucial that a child has a firm grasp of the core chemistry concepts before taking on more advanced topics.

Students under both standard level and higher level IB Chemistry would be exposed to at least 95 hours on the same 11 core topics: Stoichiometric relationships; Atomic structure; Periodicity; Chemical bonding and structure; Energetics/thermochemistry; Chemical kinetics; Equilibrium; Acids and bases; Redox processes; Organic chemistry; and Measurement and data processing.

Both exams consider these 11 areas as fundamental chemistry knowledge and thus the exam would similarly put a lot of importance on these topics. Then, HL students would have to take an extra step to cover 10 more topics.

2.   Emphasize the importance of studying diligently

IB Chemistry is not something that can be conquered on a whim. It was designed to demand commitment from a learner. In order to ace the exam, a student must diligently undergo the course, and diligently study for the exam as well.

Studying should be infused into a child’s routine. And as parents, you should be able to support the need to study by fostering an environment that is conducive for studying. Further, parents should instill the necessary discipline to a child so that he will take studying seriously. If this is achieved, your child will have more chances to ace the IB Chemistry exam.

3.   Teach your child the value of time management

Time management plays an important role in acing the IB Chemistry exam. The IB Chemistry exam comes with time pressure so your child should be well-prepared for it.

It is best to have your child work on practice exams, and time him. Work on it until it comes to a point that his performance would work well on the actual exam.

4.   Expose your child to as much practice problems as possible

The key to acing the IB Chemistry exam is having control over the questions thrown at him. By being exposed to a lot of practice problems, especially those based on previous exams, your child would be better prepared on how the actual exam will end up becoming. It also allows your child to have an understanding on the format of the actual exam, as well as the level of questioning the past exams exhibit. He will then be able to prepare better, and would not be taken by surprise.

5.   For best results, work with IB Chemistry Tuition specialists

If you would like to be more confident that your child will ace his IB Chemistry Exam, it is best to seek professional help. IB Chemistry tuition specialists have the experience, as well as the right tools to help your child be ready for his turn at the IB Chemistry exam. IB Chemistry tuition experts will also have the right strategy in teaching Chemistry and preparing for the exam.

IB Chemistry Tuition services are aware of the need to prepare your child not only in terms of knowledge of Chemistry, but as well as the skills and value needed to score high in the exam. By working with them, your child will be holistically prepared, and will have more chances in earning a 7 for his IB Chemistry Exam.


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