5 Reasons Why You Should Enroll Your Child in Coding Class

Look around and see how augmented reality and smart cars are functioning? Similarly, how advanced computer algorithms are providing personalized content and how AI is changing the world. If the current era is fueled with this much digitization, what will the future world look like?

Undoubtedly, in the coming days, every child needs to be a coding pro for excelling in the career, no matter which field it is. Therefore, preparing our child from today and enrolling in a coding class is essential.

But before we move further, let me clarify what coding is.

What is Coding?

In simple terms, coding is a language to communicate with computers. Through coding, we can give instructions to a computer for getting the desired outcomes. Be it software, computer game, or app, and everything is created through coding.

You will find many categories in coding; you can opt for web development, mobile development, and everything in between. Within these categories are many different types of coding in various coding languages. Many children successfully learn multiple computer languages and excel in their coding careers.

As a parent, you can play a significant role in helping your child learn to code. Start your search from some basic coding activities and let your child perform them. These activities involve a deck of cards, worksheets, etc. Once these initial concepts are taught, you can download a good code learning app. Some of these apps include Kodable, Scratch Jr., Codespark Academy, Grasshopper App, Hopscotch, etc.

So, learning the coding language is a systematic process. It is simple, and many children learn it at a good pace. But, if a child does not know to code, you will regret missing all the opportunities.

If you are still in doubt, read the five below reasons for enrolling your child in a coding class:

1. Coding is the Language of the Future

Many parents introduce multiple languages to their children from an early age, which is the right approach. People knowing multiple languages find it easier to communicate with people from different backgrounds.

Just like other languages, coding is also a language. Knowing a coding language will help your child understand the present world. In other words, the child will be able to communicate with technology besides communicating with people.

Furthermore, it plays a key role in enhancing your child’s verbal and written skills. Most importantly, your child will discover how does technology works. Getting into the depth of coding will encourage your child to communicate with computers. The child will get into multiple problems and learn to resolve them through coding. This habit will develop problem-solving skills from an early age, which is useful in general life.

2. Coding Opens Up the Brain of your Child

Many people relate coding to typing lines. However, coding is much more than this. A computer programmer needs to think in multiple ways to resolve the problem. These programmers use logical thinking to achieve the best results. They break down a big problem into small chunks and then work on each chunk. This is a decomposition process, which is a key part of coding.

It teaches your child to think differently and use several ways to resolve the problem. Thus, this process also builds up the confidence of your child. Since the child tries out various approaches to resolve a problem, a successful approach develops self-esteem. By developing this habit, they will hardly give up on the struggles of life until they achieve success.

3. Coding Enhancing the Academic Performance

Some students hate studying math from an early age. One big reason is a lack of knowledge about its implication in the real world. But coding resolves this problem by helping your child implement the math concepts.

Similarly, it lets your child learn how to organize thoughts. Coding experts plan out an entire problem, jot it down on paper, and then work on it. These skills help your child to plan and write in a better way. Due to these key academic benefits, coding is now a part of many STEM programs.

4. Coding Professionals will Always be in Demand

Today, even the best countries of the world are short of experienced programmers. Since technology is essential in every aspect of life, the demand for programmers will always be high. No matter in which part of the world your child is, coding experts can easily work everywhere. Many professionals also work for international clients and earn good bucks.

Just like the demand, the salaries of these coding experts are high. Earning a good income and enjoying a luxurious life is not a problem for a coding pro. If you enroll your child from today, the learning cycle will begin from an early age. This will augment the experience and getting a highly paid job will not be difficult. Apart from the technology sector, many other businesses rely heavily on coding experts. Thus, coding should be introduced in every school as a mandatory class.

5. Coding Brings Creativity and Fun

Coding is all about technical knowledge is a common misconception. Learning the hidden functions of 0’s and 1’s is fun for everyone. Besides this, it brings creativity to your child. Since the child learns to give instructions to the computer, developing a small video game or an app becomes possible.

Children enjoy it a lot when they develop a video game for the first time. With time, they attempt to bring improvements in it and use all their creativity to bring out the best results. Thus, coding becomes a source of fun and a way to use creativity.

Final Thoughts

In short, coding is mandatory to excel in the future. This is a skill that should be introduced from a pre-school. Before the age of 5, kids should know all the basic coding concepts. Since it will even be a more demanding skill in the future, excelling in it will help the child learn problem-solving skills, use creativity, and earn good bucks.

Just like digital marketing services, web development, and e-commerce, coding skills will become essential to excel in the career. So, without thinking further, select a suitable coding class and let your child outshine in the future.

Author Bio: Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for Dynamologic Solutions, Digital Marketing.


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