5 Cleaning Tips to Clean Your Children’s Bedroom Efficiently

Having a messy and cluttered bedroom adds to everyday stress. It can also cause anxiety and interfere with one’s sleep quality.

On the other hand, having an organized bedroom encourages relaxation and restful sleep.

But if you have kids, having a clean bedroom can be challenging. Their idea of cleaning is probably shoving all their stuff under their bed and then smoothing out dust ruffles. So, it is not surprising if their room can get real messy quickly.

That said, we suggest that you apply the following cleaning tips so that your kid’s bedrooms will be spotless in no time:

1. Make the bed

Now, making the bed might be a small task, but your child can benefit from it in many ways if they choose to make their bed every morning. Not only is this task achievable and straightforward, but it can also make them feel accomplished and successful.

Moreover, bed-making teaches your kids to clean up and be tidy in the long run. This can also be an excellent conversation starter for other household responsibilities as they grow.

So, teach them how to smooth out those sheets, blankets, and comforters. Fluff the pillows. The plus side of making one’s bed is that they’re unlikely to lose things when things are neat.

2. Store away their toys

If you have toddlers, then maybe you should do this task when they’re not watching. Otherwise, they might think that you are hiding their favorite toys.

For washable toys, this can be cleaned with a soft brush and warm soapy water.

You can disinfect plastic ones by soaking them with a mild bleach-water solution for approximately 10 minutes. Rinse and dry before returning them to their room.

It’s also best that you get rid of toys that are no longer appropriate for their age. You can donate them and get rid of stuff that is already broken or has missing pieces.

It would help if you also sorted these toys into piles. Not only will you make an excellent place for them, but this also allows your kid to understand that not everything will have a place in their room.

3. Purge unused stuff

For your child’s bedroom to be fresh and manageable, you can also devote some time to do a massive purge.

Here’s a great rule of thumb for doing the purge:

  • Decide on items that are considered as a “must save”
  • Decide the things that you want to donate
  • As well as the things that need to throw out
  • Sweep the floor

If you have hardwood floors, doing a weekly sweep using a dry mop or broom is already enough. However, deep cleaning will need a little more effort. Floors sealed with polyurethane, on the other hand, can be damp mopped.

For floors treated with other sealants like varnish or shellac, your best bet is to use a cleaner, wax, and mop. Then, rub it with the direction of the grain.

But if you have carpeted floors, you should consider vacuuming weekly with a crevice tool attachment. That way, it’s easier to get into corners and edges.

4. Put away their clothes

Are your kids’ clothes thrown all over the room? Well, you should hang the clothes that they can wear again. Then, place the dirty ones on the laundry basket or hamper so that you can wash them as soon as you’re done cleaning.

If you’re overwhelmed with the clothes that you need to fold or hang, then you can neatly stack them on the bed. That way, you’ll be reminded that you need to fold them later.

5. Clean bedroom furniture

Get rid of things found on the top and shelves of bookshelves, dressers, and nightstands.

Then, it would help if you gave every piece of furniture a good dusting from top to bottom. Don’t miss out on the sides and feet as well.

At Maid Sailors Austin Maid Service, they tell their clients to use a thin, moist cloth to wipe fingerprints. For a deeper clean, or if you want to maintain fine wood furniture, rub some lemon oil and then polish it to the furniture’s surface. Use small, even strokes. Finally, you can wipe it with a dry, soft cloth for that final shine.

Bonus Tip: Teach them young

Tell your kids that keeping the house and their bedroom clean is a family duty.

Taking responsibility for their room is part of enjoying their space.

Also, helping out on cleaning tasks makes everyone at home a lot happier.

If you think that your kids are too young for this kind of conversation, you can use incentives to motivate them.

Over to You

A house with kids can get messy fast. Sometimes, it is hard to balance your cleaning tasks with parenting and other responsibilities.

Nonetheless, you can always choose to work with a reputable cleaning company. That way, you can have a clean house and reclaim the time you can spend with your family or with yourself.


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