5 Best Food Brand for New Born Baby

Any parent will always wish the best for their babies.  This is always seen and manifested in the manner in which these parents attend to their children.  When it comes to food for instance, parents will always try to give their children the best of all foods there is. 

In fact, it is quite normal to find parents out there asking what is the best food for their baby’s especially first time mums.  However, what many of them do not know is that there is no such thing like the best food for babies. All available foods for babies could either be good or bad in equal measure. 

Thus, when selecting any for your child it is important to base on some important things.  For instance, the nutritional value of the food is one of the things you need to consider.  The other thing is the suitability of the food to the baby considering his or her age. 

Apart from that the issue of special needs also plays a key role in this selection as well. If you have a kid with some special needs then you might also want to select the best diet for them alongside physical therapies like baby massage. All these things put together only means that many people wish their children the best. 

As such, they always try to give them the best from food, baby care products to clothes and many other things. That said, the text below takes you through some of the suitable foods for babies.  These foods might not be the best there is but are definitely ideal for babies. Find more tips and recipes for baby foods at Serenity Kids.

1.   Breast Milk

This is the first food for babies or that which is considered to be the best.  The selection of breast milk on this list is self-explanatory.  Breast milk contains almost all nutrients which children need to grow and stay in good health. 

This is the exact reason as to why this kind of food is always recommended first on such a list.  Fortunately, many parents are always able to breastfeed their children. This means they are always able to give their children this essential food.

2.   Red Meat

This is yet again another ideal food for children which is also highly recommended.  Unless in a case where it is otherwise advised, this is food which is highly recommended for children.  Red meat comes with so many nutrients among them iron which is very essential in the growth of children. 

As you might know already, baby’s levels of iron tend to get depleted after just six months.  This means beyond these periods children might need supplementary iron which is very essential.  This is exactly why such food is very important for children. 

3.   Broccoli

Talk about the best food for children and this is one of the names which come up. Broccoli is such an ideal food for children especially for those who have just finished breastfeeding. All you have to do is get these foods then boil it to make it much softer for children. 

This food is such a reliable source of vitamin c which as you know is very important in the life of infants. However, even if this is the case, it is very important that you carefully boil the food to ensure that it is ready for consumption. The good thing with the food is that it can be taken by all sorts of children at any given time.

4.   Sweet Potatoes

Sometimes when looking for the right food for babies some simple selections in this case can do. For instance, sweet potatoes are some of the best options there are in this regard.  These potatoes are known to be such an ideal way of kick starting the children’s vegetarian life. 

Sweet potatoes are preferred for this purpose because of quite a number of factors.  For instance, they contain some natural ingredients which make them such a proper meal for children. The ingredients come with so much value to children especially when it comes to fighting cancer. 

5.   Bananas

The benefits of bananas are not just for adults only but they also extend to children as well. This food is so easy to chew and can easily be taken by children who have no teeth to chew.  Bananas are such an ideal source of energy which is what many children need in their infant stages. 


Taking care of babies means being able to offer them the best food there is.  The text above takes a look at some of the best food available for babies which you can try out.  The foods suggested to you in the text above are well considered and contain no harmful elements. 

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