5 Best Books for Kids for Summer

After the school year is over, it is time for a long summer break. To keep kids’ minds in shape, teachers provide them with a list of books for summer reading, where some books are just for free reading while some will be required during the next school year.

In this post, we would like to take a closer look at the benefits that summer reading is capable of providing kids with and also discuss the best books that each kid would love to read during summer break.

Benefits of summer reading for kids

Due to the recent Kids and Family investigation, more than 90% of parents claim that summer reading has a positive impact on their kids and helped them to go through the following school year easier.

Further, we would like to discuss the benefits of summer reading that are capable of giving kids, even if they are very much in love with books.

Keep minds trained during a long break

Summer break is the most durable, lasting for 2-3 months. The probability of losing the knowledge from the entire previous year is big if kids don’t practice during the break at all. Summer reading is an excellent activity to sharpen reading skills, and communicative skills, develop outlook, and grow critical thinking. Reading also develops memory and teaches children to retain huge amounts of new information in their minds.

Replenish knowledge in different spheres

Children can select any book they want to read, it is not obvious to read the book from the school program only. Reading different genres expands the knowledge in different areas, which may come in handy in many classes at school or life situations in general.

Helps to improve a focusing

When reading a book, it is essential to be focused on the book and the words you are reading to understand the whole idea and point of the book. It is better not to interrupt on other activities during reading and to eliminate possible distractors. This skill will be handy in learning other subjects and areas qualitatively, as kids will learn to focus on a single activity.

Top 5 books for kids’ summer reading

1)   I Want to Be a Vase by Julio Torres

This is an exciting and colorful book that suits kids of early ages. It tells us a fictional story where all common home objects like elements of furniture are dreaming of becoming someone\anything else. Particularly, the fairy tale focuses on a toilet plunger that dreams to become a beautiful vase where people will put different bright flowers instead of a toilet brush only. This is a very touching story that shows kids that they can become anyone they want in life, and select the professions of their dreams, despite what their parents expect. Such an outlook teaches kids freedom and independence in their decisions throughout life.

2)   Kingston and the Magician’s Lost and Found by Rucker Moses and Theo Gangi

It is an engaging fairy tale about the family of a magician who has disappeared while performing a trick in the mirror. When the magician’s son had grown up, he decided to start looking for his father. He managed to find an old daddy’s box, which is actually a portal to another magic world where his father was stuck. The boy gets into this other world to find and take his father back after so many years of being separated. This book will be exciting for kids of different ages and surely teaches them never to give up and to keep moving to their goals despite any circumstances.

3)   The Smartest Kid in the Universe by Chris Grabenstein

This book tells readers an adventurous story of a guy whose name is Jake. Once upon a time, he succeeded in getting a super handful of jelly beans produced by the scientists. These candies made him the smartest kid in the world whose purpose was to help others with different issues. So basically, Jake has become a real superhero. However, good cannot exist without evil. Jake is figuring out that his director and his uncle have created a cunning plan to ruin his superpowers. Did they succeed in it? Get to read the book to find out the answer.

4)   National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Where by Jill Esbaum

This book is a kind of encyclopedia produced by the National Geographic company. The book describes the information about mountains all over the world, their heights, the hugest and the smallest rivers and lakes that exist, and various investigations of scientific discoveries and how they were invented. What can be more useful for summer reading, than a book with an encyclopedic thematic? This book is definitely worth attention to the list of literature for summer.

5)   Spider-man’s Social Dilemma by Preeti Chhibber

This is a great journal about the other side of Spider-Man—the real life and challenges he faces every day. Spider-Man is a school student. So besides saving the world from evil, he needs to attend classes, study, and do homework. This book tells about the issues the character meets when he tries to combine the different sides of his life. The book is capable of teaching kids that multitasking is complicated and may not suit everyone. It is better to focus on what you are good at to sharpen your skills and become a professional in the area.

Bottom line

Overall, summer reading has numerous benefits for kids and their education as it helps to develop different sides of their skills, expand their vocabulary, proficiency in different spheres, and so on. However, to make the reading process a real pleasure, kids should select the genres and the books they would love to read first. Even if these books do not relate to the school program, they still have lots of teaching them, foremost, a love for reading. The pressure commonly doesn’t work for kids, so just give them the freedom to choose the literature to instill in them a desire to read.


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