4 Reasons Why You Should Start Reselling Kids’ Clothes

The resale of used items is on the rise. The first ever Mercari Reuse Report showed that Americans spent a total of $140 billion on second-hand items in 2020. By 2030 it is expected to increase by 154% to a total of $354 billion.

It doesn’t matter if it’s electronics, household items, collectibles, toys, shoes, or clothes — reselling or buying second-hand items is now a way of life. The pandemic has taught more and more people to go green, reuse, recycle, resell and save. You can take part in this global phenomenon by beginning to look into your kid’s closet. Here are 4 reasons why you should start reselling kids’ clothes.

1.  Reselling kids’ clothes is a growing market

Children are now exposed to social media and are pickier about choosing their clothes. It’s not surprising that the children’s wear market, in general, is expected to have a compound annual growth (CAGR) of 8.76% from 2022-2027 according to Mordor Intelligence.

Children’s wear is expected to overtake both men’s and women’s wear segments. It is now considered one of the most lucrative categories in the apparel market.

And when it comes to apparel, second-hand clothing has become the next big thing — and is projected to grow as much as 127% by 2026. That’s three times faster than the worldwide apparel market.

Since kids outgrow their clothes more so than adults do, reselling kids’ clothes is a promising business venture. Sooner or later you will be able to resell the designer clothing you bought and which your child has outgrown. You can buy quality clothes second-hand for half the price just the same.

2.  You can expect a greater margin

There’s a great business opportunity in reselling kid’s clothes — a product you may already have just piled up in your house. You are not only clearing up the clutter in your house but you also have a business with minimal startup costs. All these give you a greater profit margin.

There are also numerous websites you can use as your business platforms, such as Poshmark, eBay, and even Facebook. Not confident about which to choose? You can always look at online reviews such as this Poshmark review, to understand better which platforms you can trust.

The reselling market’s success has a lot to do with technology. Second-hand item sales and purchases are now simpler than ever thanks to these websites. You could also rent out your dresses on The Volte to earn a passive income. This peer-to-peer sector is booming, and in recent years, there has been a global explosion of e-commerce sites that specialize in second-hand clothing.

You no longer need a physical store, and you don’t need to spend so much to start the business. With the website of your choice, you can be in the comfort of your own home and make money with just a few clicks.

3.  It’s a business that will thrive even during a period of slow economic growth

Second-hand shops give parents the avenue to buy quality children’s clothing and shoes without having to spend so much. It also gives you as a parent a useful means to dispose of items your kid may have outgrown.

You might discover that your children have grown out of heaps of clothing, shoes, toys, and other miscellaneous items that are taking up room at the end of each season. Garage sales are fantastic for quickly selling unwanted and cheap items, but reselling kids’ clothes online is a faster way to declutter the closet.

If you are looking to sell online — it’s easy. One option to look into is how to sell in Mercari and other online selling platforms, like eBay, Poshmark, Vinted, Facebook,  Depop, Grailed, Kidizen, and Tradesy.

During a period of slow economic growth, the used kid’s clothes business will continue to thrive. Trying times like the pandemic even fueled its rise as parents look for cheaper — but quality — clothes for their kids.

4.  To support sustainability

The fashion industry is not only the second largest consumer of water supply worldwide; it’s also responsible for producing 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions. The more clothes are produced and thrown away, the more water resources are depleted, and rivers and streams are polluted.

The greenhouse gas emissions from the sector are expected to rise by more than 50% by 2030 if the sector keeps up its present level. These emissions are produced during several steps in the industry’s supply chain, from the procurement of raw materials to production, processing, and shipping.

Reselling kids’ clothes gives new life to old clothes, reduces waste, and thus saves lots of our natural resources. Buying second-hand branded or quality clothes is far more sustainable than supporting cheap, fast fashion.

Fast fashion clothes are mass-produced, with workers often working in inhumane conditions, and are purposefully designed to be frail — with a limited lifespan, as designs change quickly.

Final Words

Either outgrown or barely worn, selling your kid’s clothes is a great opportunity to declutter and earn some extra income. You can research to see which website is best for selling those clothes, i.e. which one will give you the most profit for your items.  All you need to do is determine the right price, and post photos of your second-hand goods.

Don’t have the time? You can always go to good consignment stores. For a consignment sale, all you need to do is price your items and deliver them. The rest of the work will be handled by the consignment staff. They keep track of your sales, organize all the stuff, and do the advertising. Although you may earn less, it can be worth the time and effort you save.

Author Bio: Gilles Couvreur is the founder of Crosslist, a productivity tool that allows sellers to list quickly on the world’s largest online marketplaces. In his free time, he loves to share simple tips that help resellers reach more customers.


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