Interactive Worksheets for Young Smarties

Even though student-centered strategies are dominating today’s lesson plans, worksheets remain an important tool in any teacher’s toolbox when it comes to offering independent practice. Educators know that students must have independent work time to absorb newly learned information and to grapple with the concepts and skills to cement their learning. While true that worksheets have earned a bad reputation in recent years for being outdated and boring, Kids Academy has innovated theirs to be engaging and interactive.

Bundled into their amazing all-in-one learning app, and also included on their website, Kids Academy has curated a huge collection of free worksheets for all grades that cover the core subject areas and topics that elementary-aged students need to be successful in both school and life. From the vibrantly colored and eye-catching images to the game-like nature of the worksheets, it’s easy to see the incredible new features that make these worksheets so innovative and appealing for children.


Parents already know that their kids begin learning the foundational skills that dictate their learning long before they step foot inside a classroom for the first time. Preschoolers are considered children from toddlers through age four, all of whom at a different point in their learning journey based upon their specific age, attention span, and early learning experiences, such as daycare programming.

Because preschool represents such a wide span in both age and skill level, Kids Academy offers a variety of worksheets that meets various educational needs, all of which prepares them for entering school, especially when it comes to the core subject areas such as reading and math. Preschool worksheets are bright and cheerful and include puzzle-like activities to keep young minds motivated.

Beyond the way information and practice is presented, interactive worksheets can be completed online with minimal parent oversight as AI technology reads instructions and scores assignments to offer quick feedback in a positive way. All students need to do is focus on the task at hand, so they gain valuable practice time with worksheets that feel more like video games.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade

The great thing about Kids Academy interactive worksheets is that learners can work on them at their own pace and progress through higher-level skills whenever they’re ready. Kindergarten and 1st grade worksheets build from the skills already learned and introduce new strategies for concepts, such as the number line, bar graphs, and tally marks in the math worksheets below.

Grades 2 and 3

Starting from preschool, worksheets cover all the key subject areas such as ELAR, math, science, social studies, with bonus materials like coloring pages. But second grade worksheets and higher throw in a little more fun with worksheets on chess and interdisciplinary pages that mix different subjects, like reading with social studies or math!

It’s evident that Kids Academy created and compiled their worksheets from preschool through third grade in a thoughtful way that not only keeps learning fun for little learners but increases their knowledge and works their skills as they progress through the grade levels.

Even in a student-centered classroom, independent work time is a necessary part of the lesson cycle. In the past, worksheets may have meant boring busy work, but these innovative interactive worksheets offer children meaningful practice that keeps them engaged and learning. Find all the above worksheets and many more at the Kids Academy website:


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