4 Boosted Board Safety Tips For Fun Riding

Boosted is a brand that is well known among electric scooter riders. Boosted boards are not like the ordinary skateboards you see in the market; they are e-boards with advanced features and impressive quality. The Boosted skateboards have a very good performance, and most people ride on them for fun. The only thing about this skateboard it can sometimes be a recipe for disaster.

Some safety concerns should not completely be ignored because they can even affect the fun experience of riding. So, we recommend that you ensure your safety when riding on your Boosted Board. In this article, we will help you with some tips to help you stay safe while riding on your Boasted board.

Why Should You Ensure Your Safety?

Like we already mentioned, there are some dangers attached to riding the Boosted boards. For one, a person is likely to get seriously injured when they fall. Falling will likely happen for several reasons. This can happen when you ride late at night without any light or move at high speed when the terrain is wet from the rain. The common injuries associated with electric scooters are spine, neck, and head injuries. However, other burns and road rash conditions may develop if a person falls badly on a paved or concrete flooring.

There is also the possibility of enduring broken bones and dislocations. 99.9% of these injuries can be avoided or prevented if a person stays safe. Boosted boards are supposed to be safe and completely harmless. Most of the safety problems that have been experienced are due to the rider’s negligence. Again, we encourage that you stay safe on your board.

4 Safety Tips For Riding On Boasted Boards

1. Don’t Ride Alone

If you are riding for fun, you certainly don’t want to be alone. Most people riding on Boosted boards usually have a group they move with. There will be a group around your location where you can find people to ride with. It isn’t difficult finding them, and you can even make new friends. 

Apart from it being safe around people, you won’t get bored throughout the entire experience. Even if your friends don’t have a skateboard, you can still have them come with you on their bicycle, scooter, or ordinary skateboard. It will be a more interesting experience; the more, the merrier. It is also much safer when riding in a group, unlike being on the road alone. 

2. You Will Need Lights For Your Board

Normally, one of the features that come along with your skateboard is lights. These are usually attached to the board. However, if you are getting a Boosted board, you won’t find any with the lights. You have to get it yourself to help you navigate the road properly, especially at night. It can be dangerous riding on your board at night without a light to guide you. 

Also, the light comes in handy when riding in bad weather when the light is dim. However, it is not recommended that you ride your board in the rain. It’s also important to learn if boosted boards are waterproof or water-resistant before you even consider going under the rain.

3. Have Your Boosted Board Paired To Your Phone

Boosted boards are very different from ordinary skateboards because they come with this modern technology that makes riding fun. You won’t find a regular skateboard using an app or any smart system. However, with your Boosted boards, you get to have this amazing feature.

It usually comes with an app that allows you to control the board straight from your iOS and Android devices. With it, you can track your rides and monitor the battery levels so you know if it is fully charged.  A lot of people make the mistake of not using the app, but it helps you stay safe in the long run.

4. Avoid Riding on the Sidewalk

Your boosted boards should be on the street and not the sidewalk created for pedestrians. You don’t want them in an accident where you hit a bystander. Also, riding your board on sidewalks is illegal in most places. If you ride on the street or road, it is much better, and you won’t be risking hitting someone. Riding on the road will also make it easier to get to your destination much faster than when competing for space on the sidewalk.


If you’re looking to have fun on your Boosted board, we suggest you follow these tips for your safety and others. Even while you have fun, remember you are at risk of having injuries when you ignore safety guidelines. 


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