3 Kid-Friendly Meals You Can Make On The Grill

As you probably and what other parents know, kids can be very picky when it comes to food choices. They tend to eat what’s familiar and looks fun to them. They don’t really mind if it’s healthy or not, this is why there are always times that you can have a hard time convincing them to eat healthy and nutritious

But, most often, that’s not the case with grilled dishes. Kids do love barbecues as much as they love and enjoy outdoor activities. However, they can still be picky in some instances. Thus, if you’re planning to host an outdoor party and want to make sure that your kids will eat and enjoy the food, you’re just on the right page. Here are three kid-friendly grilled meals that you can easily attract to their appetite.

1. Grilled Patties

Let’s start with the basics. Of course, meat is a great option to easily convince your kid to eat. Besides, kids do love patties as much as they love hotdogs. But, hotdogs are so predictable and have lesser nutritional contents compared to patties which are not overly processed. It would be best if you create your own patty instead of buying ready-to-cook products from the market. Fresh ones do taste much better, plus, you can marinade and season it just the way your kids want it. 

Aside from that patties won’t take too much time on the grill, so your kids won’t get impatient while waiting for their main course to be cooked. Your kids can even enjoy their patties with rice or you can grill some bread too to make a grilled sandwich. They will love it even more with a homemade barbecue sauce or savory gravy. There’s really a wide range of recipes that you can try with a grilled patty. Overall, grilled patties are one of the go-to options you can easily include in your menu during an outdoor party or a simple dinner with your kids as they surely won’t hesitate to get a taste.

2. Grilled Corn Cob

Moving forward. A healthier option, some veggies. After your kids are done with their main course, here’s a suggestion for a grilled snack. You can literally do tons of recipes using corn, they can easily complement any meal and can be a very good side dish. Thus, they’re perfect for a healthy snack too. You can just easily rub a good amount of butter on the corn after it is grilled since kids are not really a fan of spices. Grilled corn cobs are best paired with butter and cheese too or you can even serve it plain since corn cobs already have a sweet taste that perfectly blends with the burnt taste from grilling. 

So, if you’re looking for an easy option that your kids will surely indulge, a grilled corn cob will surely do the trick. Aside from its healthy, it can create a hearty grilled snack for your kids. 

3. Grilled Pizza

Kids love pizza! It’s one of their staple meals. They will most likely choose it over rice or pasta. So, if you want to ensure a kid-friendly grilled meal served at your table, this one will surely work. To give it a twist and fun, get out of your comfort zone and try grilling your pizza instead of just directly putting it in your oven. It’s kind of boring, right? Just apply the same steps though, put their favorite toppings and make sure to put lots of cheese too. Your kids will surely love this new recipe served on their table!

Final Words

You’ll never go wrong with grilled recipes when it comes to making kid-friendly meals. Aside from what’s mentioned above, you’ll surely find out more options. What’s more important is the quality of the food you will serve and one way to achieve that is through using premium and safe grilling equipment that will help you achieve such a goal. 

You can find sources of best-reviewed equipment from reliable websites such as Outdoor Cooking Pros that offer a wide range of grilling tool brands. You can compare the available options and easily find what suits your standards and budget. So, if you’re looking forward and planning to prepare some grilled dishes for your family, and already have your equipment and tools, feel free to consider the kid-friendly meals suggested above because aside from those being very easy to prepare they will surely be enjoyed by your kids as well. 


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