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Big and Small

Big and Small

Big and Small! Good deeds are good and bad deeds are just so bad! Whether it is small or big, we should not tell any lie! You should stay honesty and honesty is always getting rewarded. Musti tells us this habit through a simple story!

We all know Musti is fond of animals! He loves to play with them. He is so kind and generous to help others! One day, Musti fed the goat in his garden.

Do you know the foods loved by goat? Watch the animated story! Musti brought a big plate of goat’s favorite food. The goat appeared very sad. Goat had a heap of turnips before him. Musti asked goat why he was so sad. The goat told him he lost some carrots! Carrots!! It amazed Musti.

Do you know which animal loves carrot? Any guesses? Rabbit! Yes, rabbits love carrots. Musti thought about rabbit and carrot.

Musti promised the goat to find the missing carrot. Musti was thinking about the missing carrot! He met Rabbit on his way. The rabbit looked a bit tired and sat under a tree. There were few pieces of carrots scattered before the rabbit.

He asked rabbit about the carrot missing. Rabbit thought for a while. He brought a big carrot from his burrow and showed it to Musti. Rabbit was arguing with Musti. Since he loved carrots, he was unable to give back the carrot to goat. However, taking others belongings without knowledge is not recommended! He convinced rabbit to give the carrot back to the goat. Rabbit turned very honest and agreed.

Was Rabbit’s honesty rewarded? Watch the full story.

This is one of the simple and colorful animated stories for kids with beautiful moral. The expressions of goat, rabbit and of course, our buddy Musti is so nice! Musti’s convincing words are good and a nice lesson to learn! Don’t miss watching this short animated story!

Big or small, you should remain honest!

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