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Why Anansi has thin Legs!

Why Anansi has thin Legs!

Anansi is a clever and friendly spider. He has many friends in his place. But Anansi has very thin legs. This story is about what happened to Anansi and why he has thin legs.

Anansi had a very strange habit. He was always hungry. He could not satisfy his hunger. One day he visited many friends. He saw rabbit cooking greens and was pulled by the flavors. The rabbit asked him to wait for a while until the greens are cooked. The restless Anansi provided a spider web, tied to one of his legs and asked the rabbit to pull the leg once the greens are ready so he could return and eat the greens.

Next, he met his friend monkey and was attracted by the flavor of beans cooked by monkey. Since it wasn’t completely cooked, he again tied a web to another leg and asked monkey to pull the leg once the beans are ready.

The restless Anansi moved on, visiting all animals and asking them to call him once the food was ready. Anansi had webs tied on all his eight legs. All the food got ready and all the animals pulled at the web tied to Anansi’s legs. What happened???? Watch the story to know what happened to Anasi. You will then know why Anasi has thin legs.

This is a funny story to watch. You can’t be so greedy and if you are, you will end up losing something valuable.

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