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The Greedy Hippo

The Greedy Hippo

The greedy hippo is one of the kindergarten stories about a selfish hippo. He is taught a lesson by his fellow animals.

Once upon a time, there lived a very greedy hippopotamus. He was so greedy and selfish that he never cared for others. He used to eat all food available for all animals in their place. He ate loads of beans, berries, cheese and cakes without leaving even a morsel of food for other animals. He only thought of himself. He was very selfish.

One day, after he had had a good meal of everyone’s food the hippo dived into a pool. Since he was so heavy, he was stuck and unable to pull himself out of the water. He shouted for help. The other animals rushed to the pool and saved him.

Immediately after he was rescued, he pushed the other animals aside and rushed to their table where food was kept. He ate it all even without saying ‘thank you!’

The animals decided to teach him a lesson. They made a pie of raw fish and soap and gave it to the greedy hippo. What happened to the greedy hippo? Did he realize his mistake? Watch the story.

The animated story is colorful and interesting to watch.

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