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Superhero High

Superhero High

Do you love your school? Do you love going to school every day without troubling your parents?  Are you an obedient student? You are not among those kids who find it a little bit uninteresting to go to school daily, right?. Even your favorite superhero characters love going to school.

Superheroes have a school to polish their skills. A boy’s cousin joins the school for super heroes called, ‘Superhero High!’ She takes him to her school. She has a uniform that resembles a super hero character.

The boy and the girl (the superhero high school student) meet her school principal. He is dressed in superman’s costume, and is searching for his missing pen. But, he looks for it in a different way. Any guesses?

The superhero students have different classes and subjects. They aren’t typical subjects like Maths, English or Geography. In one class, the teacher is teaching how to change clothes quickly in a phone booth. Can you do it?

In second class, a student iss asked to count the number of pens a boy who is standing on the otherside of a wall is holding. The student is able to get the number right by wearing special glasses.

The next class is about flying. Finally, the superhero student takes her cousin to the canteen and they order for food! The surprised boy is totally delighted at the thought of having some super food! However, what happens is a little different. Watch the story and have fun!

The story is animated with eye apealing pictures. The scripts and animated voice are clear. You can ask the child to read the script.

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