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Our Colorful World

Our Colorful World

Our Colorful World is a colorful animated story for kids. Billy the smart yet naughty boy along with his pet dog, Splodge wants to explore the outer space hoping to find new kinds of animals. Billy and Splodge in the spaceship! Splodge drives the space ship and Billy explains what he saw in the outer space.

They land on a planet where everything is red. The trees, plants, soil and everything is completely red! But they are unable to find any animal. Are they right? What do you and Splodge see?

Next, they go to a yellow planet, everything on the planet, from clouds, stars and sand are tinted with yellow. Billy can’t find any animal, but you notice something there, right?  The third place they go to is the pink planet. Billy again can’t trace any animals. However, you are with splodge right!  The blue planet looks beautiful with the blue sand and the blue sun, which is very hot! Finally, they see one more planet and it is the green plant. The green plant is extremely cold. And something appears suddenly with a roaring sound, yes, a strange creature. Billy and Splodge are scared out of their wits.

They rush back home. Finally, they see a planet with all colours, with lots of animals and plants. What is that?

Kids will learn about different colors, animals as explained by Billy. Join Billy and Splodge on this spaceship journey to find strange creatures in outer space. You and Splodge can notice something that is missed by Billy.

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