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No Dogs!

No Dogs!

No Dogs is a simple animated dog story for kids. It talks about the desire of a dog to have fun like her masters in the playground.

Jessie iss Katie’s pet dog. Katie and Jaia study together and are close pals. Katie’s mom arrives at their school to pick Katie and Jaia. She takes Jessie, the dog, with her.

Katie expresses her desire to spend some time in the playground. Katie’s mom agrees. They go to the nearby playground. The playground is fully equipped with ladders, springs, sliders, roundabouts and much more. Jessie’s eyes pop out seeing the playground.

Katie and Jaia explor different games in the playground. Jessie runs and jumps around with them. However, there is a huge sign board, NO DOGS allowed! Katie’s mom takes Jessie from the girls and ties him to a chair.

Poor Jessie watches the girls play and have fun. She longs to join them. She curses herself for having been born as a dog. They spend a little more than half an hour in the playground and return home.

Jessie is unable to stop thinking about the playground and the games. She decides to sneak out at night after everyone sleeps. She escapes from the house and rushes to playground.

What she sees at the playground really surprises her. Even we would be surprised to see what happens at the playground. Want to know what happens to Jessie? Watch the story.

The story is narrated humorously. It arouses curiosity of the child’s mind. The dog’s actions are animated beautifully.

Don’t miss this short animated dog story video.

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