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My Secret Team

My Secret Team

My Secret Team is a set of experiences that a boy encounters for his secret love, illustrated hilariously.

There lived a family of four. Every one of them was a soccer lover. While three members of the family admired the Boxton Town team, the boy loved the Boxton Rover team. It was one against three. It was difficult being different from the rest of the family.

They watched the football match together as a family. When the match was between Boxton Town and Boxton Rover, the boy would land in great trouble. He could neither cheer for his favorite team, Rover nor could he cry when the opponent team scored.

The boy found it too difficult to support his team being so different from his family. When his team scored, he celebrated it in the bathroom. He cheered even when the opposite team scored well as he knew his family would be watching him.

He had the posters of his favorite team hidden in his bedroom. He had the clothes of his Rover’s team hidden behind Boxton Town team clothes. The boy secretly admired his favorite team.

Even for his birthday, he was always given the wrong choice of gifts.

The end is totally amusing. Now, you have to watch it and enjoy. Does the boy change his secret admiration from being a Boxton Rover fan to a Boxton Town fan? Or does he convert his family to become fans of Boxton Rover?

The boy’s animated expressions are loveable. The subscript explains everything nicely! A funny short story to watch.

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