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Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Goldilocks And The Three Bears - Short Story Video

Goldilocks and the three bears is a funny story for kids. It narrates the hilarious experiences of Goldilocks in a house which belongs to a family of bears.

Goldilocks is a charming young girl. One day she walks into woods, where she sees a beautiful house. She is fascinated by the beauty of the house. As she enters the house, she sees three bowls of porridge placed on a table. She takes a spoonful of porridge from the first bowl, it is too hot! She tastes from the second bowl, it is too cold. She tries the third bowl and it is perfect.

She then sees three chairs of different sizes, a big one, a medium sized one and a baby chair. The first two chairs are big, and uncomfortable for her to sit on. The third chair is a perfect fit. In her attempt to sit on the big chairs, she damages the chairs a bit.

She feels tired. She peeks into the bedroom. There are three cots of different sizes with beds. The first bed is too hard for Goldilocks. The second bed is too soft. The third bed is perfect for her. She dozes off.

Meanwhile, the real owners of the house returned. Who are they? How do they react when they see what Goldilocks has done to their home?. How does she react on seeing them?

The animated video is amazing. The expressions of the animated characters are adorable and lucid. The narration of the story is beautiful. It is quite interesting and amusing animated story to watch!

Aren’t you curious to know what happens to Goldilocks? Watch the video fully!

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