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Dark, Dark Wood, Animated Short Stories For Children

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Its rhyme time! Fascinating fantasy rhymes are loved by kids of all ages and sometimes, even elders. Here is a short and hilarious animated rhyme story for kids.

Most children are scared of darkness. This short animated rhyme is all about darkness and the strange effects of darkness.

Here is a simple introduction.

There is a very dark wood. In the dark wood, there is a dark path leading to a dark house. The dark house has a dark stairway. The dark stairs take you to a dark room. The dark room holds a surprise. There is a dark, dark box in the dark room! What does the dark box contain? Are you ready to open the box?

Watch it!

The poem is recited as a voice over. This is actually a fun rhyme. The audio together with animation creates a curiosity. However, the video is a very short one.

The question is what do you see at the end? Are you scared? A surprise awaits you. Of course, you would end up laughing.

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