Quotes for Kids » Top Parenting Quotes To Motivate Children

  • Winning
    Winning is not just being first, winning means you are doing better.
  • Failing
    Failing after great attempts is a glory.
  • Forgiveness
    Forgiveness is the quality of the strong people. Weaker people can never forgive. Forgiving cost you nothing.
  • Do it Now!
    Do it right now. Sometimes, LATER may become NEVER.
  • Blowing Out
    Blowing out others candle doesn’t make us brighter.
  • Happier Person
    The more you give, the more you become happier.
  • Life is Beautiful
    Life is a beautiful and interesting fairy tale. Make every moment cherished.
  • Dreams
    We all grow greatly with our dreams. Develop and follow your dreams.
  • Mistakes
    There can be only one man who never makes any mistake. He is the one who do nothing. Mistakes make you perfect and help you learn.
  • Shortcuts
    There are just no shortcuts to success. Shortcuts make you fail.
  • First Step
    A journey to reach 10000 miles starts just with a single step. If you don’t make your first step, you can’t reach the destination!
  • Forgive and Forget
    We need not teach kids the lessons of life, rather they teach the adults!
    1. Forgive
    2. Forget
    They forgive you even if you made them feel bad and simply forget it! The secret to happy life!
  • Great Feelings
    Kids never remember you for the value of precious things or any materials you provide them, but they adore you for the great feeling you made them cherish!
  • Diamonds
    The expensive and precious diamonds are nothing but the mere coal that underwent immense pressure. Undergoing and experiencing all sorts of difficulties make us shine like diamonds.
  • Learning
    The more and more you learn, a lot you will experience and explore, the less you will make mistakes! Learning is infinite.
  • Happiest People
    Happiest people are not those who have the best, rather they see the best in everything.
  • Waves
    It is impossible to stop the waves, but can easily learn to swim over and surf the sea!
  • Violence
    Violence shelters in the house of incompetence.
  • Genius
    Millions of geniuses die without discovering their talents. Don’t join the millions, be unique and discover your hidden talent.
  • Faith
    Have faith in everything, it makes all things possible!
  • The Cage
    The safest place for birds is its cage, but staying all the time in the cage won’t let it grow!
  • Wing
    Don’t try to walk when you got wings to fly.
  • Harsh Words
    A torn piece of cloth can be stitched, but you cannot mend a wounded heart with harsh words.

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