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  • First Step
    Don’t afraid to take the first step, even if you don’t see the entire staircase.
  • Kindness
    It is impossible to fight with everyone you meet, but it will cost nothing to be kind with all!
  • Laughter
    Have a daily dose of laughter. It is the good exercise for the mind.
  • Forgiveness
    Forgiveness is the best shield. If you go, tit for tat, everyone end up losing!
  • Questions
    No question is wrong, only answers can be wrong! Don’t stop questioning as it makes you develop your knowledge.
  • Your Mind
    Whatever you conceive and believe in your mind, you can achieve it!
  • Good Thoughts
    Your good thoughts will shine on your face!
  • Bad Day
    Some days can be really bad, but don’t allow them make you get defeated.
  • Confidence and Time
    The greatest asset we have is CONFIDENCE and the greatest resource we have is TIME
  • Your Actions
    Every action of you is influenced by emotional desire or fear!
  • Successful Personalities
    Superior and successful personalities are always marked with an attitude of positivity and optimism!
  • Negatives
    Life is just like an art of traditional photography! You still need a lot of negatives to develop.
  • Challenges
    Challenges make your life interesting, lifts your courage and spirit. Overcoming those challenges make your life more meaningful and joyful.
  • Planning
    Spending time for planning saves 30 percent of your energy, and time.
  • Never Quit
    Follow these two rules to succeed in your life.
    1. Never quit
    2. Follow rule number 1
  • Revenge
    Take revenge on your enemies, through your massive and unbeatable success.
  • Roller Coaster
    Life is a roller coaster with its own ups and downs. You may scream or simply enjoy the most!
  • Mistake
    Committed mistake? It is a good sign of trying! Make mistakes, but never repeat it!

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